[H] Kazzak < t r a s h > LF Officers SAT + SUN

We’re looking for the following experienced officers to build our core in preparation for Shadowlands ( performance perks include xfers/tokens/etc ):

  • Recruitment officer x2
  • M+ officer
  • Raid leader

Our current recruitment officer’s details are at the bottom of the post!

For everyone else - LF anyone that is :

  • lonely
  • just coming back from hiatus
  • chatty and enjoy socializing
  • weekend warrior (going to school, working, have kids, etc.)
  • consistent

We offer you :

  • damn fine company
  • guild repair
  • free gbank tab
  • 100% sass
  • 20% off AH prices for any items in GB (gold goes directly to guild repairs)

Battletag: Exo#2756 | Discord: e x o [고수]#9802