[H] Kazzak <Victus> 2 day (3/10M)- (10/10 HC) recruiting

Hey there
Recruiting everything, healers big need


  • Have the gear and knowledge for current heroic.
  • Be ready to jump straight into mythic progression.
  • We have M+ activity,

Interested? add Razier#2960, xenoxl#2171

SL Raid times:

We raid 2 times a week (Wednesday, Thursday) from 19:30 to 23:00 game time. If we do any extra raids they are optional.

About Us:

We took a break from raiding in BFA, back for Shadowlands.

Previous raiding tiers

T21 - 494
T20 - 275
T19 - 523
T18 - 564
and more 10 years raiding.

More information about our previous raiding can be found here

  • Feel free to check from T21 and back.

Kill vids

What we offer:

• 2 day raiding with a 3rd optional raid

• We do NOT split raid

• Relaxed raiding, open minded, open for input from our raiders

What we are looking for in applicants:

• Knowledge of your class inside out

• Be a good player mechanically!

• Preparation for new bosses (while we will put some notes out on “AA”, you still have to do some research on yourself)

• Due to our small roster we are looking for experienced and dependable players with high raid attendance (95%+).

• We are looking for people who learn quickly, do not repeat the same mistakes over and over.

• Being able to listen and contribute to the raid is essential, as such a decent grasp of English is also necessary.

• You are required to have access to Discord, with a working microphone.

Recruiting more for hc !

Going for 2/10M

Recruiting Tank
good dps

Recruiting tank and good dps

Hey there

Recruiting everything, specially good healers

Recruiting :slight_smile:

Looking for players who are up to date with the game

and rdy to jump into mythic progression with us :slight_smile:

225 ilvl monk healer here. I have some mythic experience with my warlock but decided to swap to healer as there is always a need for them :slight_smile: Let me know if you are interested. I am willing to swap to tank if there will be a need for that.

Recruiting :slight_smile:

Eye mythic , soon NIne M

Hey there

Recruiting heals and good dps

Recruiting a holy paladin, Ele sham, shadowpriest, warlock, dk

Big Damage always welcome

be up to date with current tier, so u can jump in and contribute immediately

Recruiting all dps

heal: holy paladin, restoshaman

Recruiting good dps that is rdy for mythic progression
3/10M soon

healer: pala, priest, shaman
Tank maybe


We are able to recruit a bunch of ppl atm incase some group if LFG
We can adapt roles if neccesary


Recruiting :slight_smile:

Hey there
Recruiting everything, healers big need

Recruiting healers!

Looking for dem healers to empowered us to progress in mythic raiding

great dps also welcome

a tank can be considered if very xped

Still recruiting for next reset and more