[H] LF Guild for the new raid in 8.3 (Disc priest)

I’m looking for a raiding guild for the upcoming raid Ny’alotha. I’ve recently picked up WoW again, and i’m trilled to get back into raiding. I’m looking for a social and mature guild with a good atmosphere where one can have fun while raiding. I’m interested in horde guilds preferabele on Twisting Nether but willing to realm change if necessary. Hope there is a guild out there for me!

Little info about myself. I work fulltime as a mechanic and i’m 27 years old.

Feel free to contact me: warskippy#2942

Cohors Vuluae is a newly formed guild of mythic raiders looking to experience the most challenging aspects of wow. We aim to kill bosses and have fun. We do heroic, mythic + and are looking to form a mythic rading team.

We have recently moved from Alliance on outland to Horde on Draenor, Currently we are looking to recruit 1 tank (warrior/dk/monk/dh), 2 healers 1 with off spec & dps to join our ranks to start mythic raiding.

We expect all members that join to be able to use voice chat and have some understanding of their role/class.

if you want to join a guild of chill Vuluae’s, have a sense of humour & aged 20+ drop a message in game or on discord.

pogodamonkey#2210 [battle net]
pogodamonkey#8073 [discord]