[H] LF people for glad push

LFM: 3v3
Class: DH/Ret
Faction: Horde
Experience: 2.5k, last season glad
Looking for: Mates to push glad and higher this season.

For my DH, I need holy priest and a caster: boomie, SP, mage, ele shaman. I know how this comp is executed and can tell you what to do step by step. Just a bit of arena experience is required from your side. My DH is full 226 gear with all kinds of useful legendaries and sockets.

As a ret paladin I would like to play PHP. If there is any decent hunter + priest premade out there - hit me up. Would love to play with you. Ret is 220 gear with tank spec legendary and final verdict.

Voice is required. I am fluent in both English and Russian.

My discord: K.#5801
My Battle.net: SouthSide#2658