[H] LF someone hardcore & dedicated

I almost never do these types of threads, but I’ve tried to get a regular team up and running 3 times now this season, yet it always ends the same. Someone gradually logs in less and less, then announces they’re quitting the game altogether and so the other one follows shortly after.

To explain my history in WoW PvP would be a huge wall of text so I’ll skip that part, but simply put I’ve got a lot of characters and I’ve got a lot of elite sets. I’ve also got the arena master title.
But basically, I reached my peak in Legion with 2.4k in 2v2 as rsham (did it in less than 130 games, then got hard countered by unh DKs that wouldn’t make any mistakes and we had 0 ilvl advantage so we simply stopped there for the season), and 2.4k in 3v3 as a DK (also stopped there, got the enchant illusion so there was no real point in continuing because of the struggle).

I’ve got experience at various points in time as almost every melee and almost every healer. I’ve mostly avoided playing as a caster dps though, because I just don’t find it that fun.

So right now I’ve got a holy pala with 212 ilvl (given up on it though, too annoying to play after the mana nerfs), DK with full rival gear and low cr, a resto druid with 216 ilvl and low cr, and a dpriest with 218 ilvl (full rival gear, just haven’t upgraded any legendary yet) with low cr.

But what I’m looking for is a proper comp (almost always stuck playing the weird comps, so this time I’d like to make sure and play a proper fotm), and people who are:

  1. Active. Very active.
  2. Communicative. I don’t care if we use discord or keep it text-only, but being communicative is a must.
  3. At least 2k+ exp several seasons, and a long history in WoW PvP.
  4. Geared. Gear is unfortunately a must this expansion, so you absolutely need to be geared.

If you’re interested, then add Shankster#2169 on bnet. You need to write your bnet name in this thread before I’ll accept the friend request (don’t need the hash tag numbers, it’s just so I know who you are before I accept it so I can filter out the trolls and spammers) and if you’re writing on a Classic character then you need to write down one of your characters in your reply to this thread.

I’m the type of person who likes to stick with the same people throughout entire seasons, my record being having played with the same person from WoD s2 all the way to when we peaked in Legion together (we realised our limit and parted ways at that point).
That doesn’t mean I haven’t played several characters at the same time with different teams, but there usually ends up being one or two characters that stands above the rest of my character list in rating etc. during a season.

I’ve been having trouble getting stuff lifted off the ground this season though, mainly because of the time it takes to gear up and people giving up before any real push can begin, so before the season ends I’d like to do a proper push with people who are stubborn and willing to see it through to the end. As mentioned, a lot of activity is required. You can’t get much done with just 1 hour per week unfortunately.

Sent you a request im BxM

Alright, that’s 1 person who fits the bill but I’m still looking for others. We’re both people with a lot of time on our hands, and he plays mainly casters so it’d be nice if a lock or mage would join this endeavour of ours and aim to grow over time as a proper team.

I did mention I’ve avoided playing as casters, but I’ve healed wizardcleaves before so that’s not that really an issue, in case anyone reading this would feel uncertain about it. The more time we spend, the better the chances we’ll overcome obstacles we encounter on the way as well.

added you, Im Rowdy.

I really am sorry but I’ve declined it. You need to match the criterias first.

Hey dude, looking for a team to stick to on my warrior. Added you - Athexyo.

I noticed, but why are the numbers different from your previous LFG post?

What numbers? :smiley:

Sent, Ivar.

Sorry, but you really do need to match the criterias first.

No problem, gl and take care.

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