[H] LF Tank for M+ team

Hello there,

Team LF Tank to continue pushing 21+ keys. Our schedule is Thursday, Saturday, Monday, Tuesday 19ST - 21ST. We are a chill and laidback environment but focused on improving with every dungeon. We are using Discord for comms.

The team consists of Holy Paladin, Havoc DH, Rogue, Fire Mage. We are all around 3k score.

Contact me:
Bnet: Flapsy#2900
Discord: Rosen#1105



I will be happy to join your M+Team. I am a 2.6k+RIO Mage. I have added your Bnet. Let me know if you are interested.


is this still relevant? I am interested in starting to do keys as a team. Around 2,2k Rio on my DH but can play most classes

In need of a tank atm.