[H] LFG on Draenor

Returned player LF semi-hardcore with the ambition of CE in DF.
In the past few weeks, i’ve played a bit on my own, but kinda miss the whole guild stuff (been pugging some M+ and raids n such)

Haven’t raided seriously in SL due to lack of motivation (boring raids) and guild drama on guild drama.

I got 2-3 characters i’m planning on to play in DF.

Priest: Petersen-Draenor
Monk: Denneh-Draenor
MAYBE Hpal: Zeroius-Draenor

Can’t link stuff, idk why.

I like to do a lot of M+ besides raiding and i’d like to push further then i’ve manage to get via pugging, y’all can hit me up on my tags.

Bnet: Pulse#21252
Discord: Denneh#3372

I’m not switching server / faction, sorry.