[H] <little guild ofc> Wed/Mon 7pm ST semi-hardcore

Hello gamers,

About us
We started off as a classic guild, raiding as a core on Dreadmist horde and with the upcoming release of Shadowlands decided to bring the guild back to retail with the core we made in classic. We have a bunch of Finnish, Swedish and British/Irish gamers. Instant invite if you played dreadmist horde on classic unless you were in < chaos legends > ha ha :slight_smile:

Recruitment began in pre-patch and we started building our roster shortly after release.

Our Goals
We aim to get a few bosses in mythic down this tier, we don’t expect to get cutting edge however we have have experienced CE raiders in the group. After finding a more casual group in classic, we decided to take it a little slower and get a more casual raid environment while still downing bosses and making sufficient progress in the tier.

Currently Recruiting
We are currently recruiting the following:
Any tank spec
Windwalker Monk
Demon Hunter
We are not currently recruiting healers

We will still be taking exceptional players into consideration even if your class is not listed above.

What to do next?
Message one of our officers on BNET or preferably Discord for more information, logs etc and a link to our Discord

Raid Times
Wednesday & Monday 19:00 - 22:30 ST

Contacts (Discord, BNET)
Officer: Miukuli (Derssi#0553, Derssi#2916)
Officer: CianHR (CianHR#7119, CianHR#21664)
Officer: Coreylala
Officer: Fizzyknight

Still looking for the following:
Windwalker Monk

Recruiting all ranged, update: 10/10 HC 1/10 M

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