[H] Looters Recruiting [1/8M][8/8HC]

Faction: Horde
Realm: Draenor (EU)
Realm Type: Normal - PVE
Raid days - Main runs: Wednesday, Sunday
Raid times: 21.00-23.30 CET


Dps High priority
Shaman [ele]

Low priority

Healers high priority

Low priority


About us
Looters is a guild created by a group of friends who have raided together for years, we have a lot of experience in raiding heroic and mythic content.

We are a friendly group who enjoys World of Warcraft and loves raiding. We have fun and joke around but when bosses need to go down then all is serious! We wish for all our members to enjoy the game as much as we do and we expect raiders to maintain a 80% attendance per month. Our aim is to make a relaxed team to clear heroic and push into mythic progression.

We also enjoy a variety of other activities such as running a lot of Mythic+ dungeons
We generally aim to push Mythic+ to get +15 keys done for the weekly chests.

Mythic+ players and socials more than welcome to the guild

If this sounds like a place you would like to be get in touch via the discord tags bellow thanks for reading.


Quick update full on tanks and healers now still have space for ww monk or any ranged DPS thanks

quick update 1st raid last night we cleared the whole of normal and 2/8HC. Still looking for more ranged dps and a monk or dk. Message me for a chat joHn#3141

6/8HC after our 1st week of raiding.
still recruiting rogue/dk and ranged dps especially mage and hunters thanks

We now have a healer spot open for a priest and still looking for mage/rogue/DK 385ilv+ please and atleast 8/8nm exp contact me via discord joHn#3141

6/8Hc now healer spot full still looking for a few extra DPS to fill out team especially DH,mage,DK 390ilv+


Still in high need for:

Demon Hunter
Priest (Shadow)
Death Knight

Getting close to moving in to Mythic now, so trying to flush out the final spots in team.

Get in touch folks!

Hi , im interested joining. I actually started dragonflight from NA realms but due to time restrictions i’m planning to return back to Draenor.

Is it too late it i join as a mage fire/frost now in your guild. I wanted to clear Heroic at least and push Mythic raids if possible.


No not too late add me for a chat on discord joHn#3141

7/8Hc now team is almost full now just looking for a mage and DK to complete the team and start some mythic raiding

7/8hc and 1/8 mythic after last night’s raid still looking for a couple more dps to join us especially DK and mage 395ilv+ please

Looking for a ww monk and hunter 395ilv+ to start pushing mythic


Still looking to fill out a few spots.

WW Monk

We would also be keen to take on a Pres Evoker and even another Havoc DH.


Raza HC now down, still need a handful more to comfortably enter mythic.

Give myself or an office a whisper

pushing, still looking

Looking for a couple of dps any spec to finish the team and push further into mythic give me a shout on discord joHn#3141

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