[H] <Lost Ambition> is now recruiting all!


Lost Ambition Is a freshly made guild made up of old friends who’ve played alongside each other for many years and decided to switch server and faction change.

What we’re looking for?
We’re currently looking to build up a community where we can enjoy what WoW has to offer in a more laid back environment, which includes raiding/M+/leveling/Tmog runs.

Raiding Times
Wed 8-11pm Server time, more days may be added with release of future raids.

Contact info
Whisper in game TinyHorror or add Tiny#21389 for more info or for an invite.

Current Progress
7/8 HC

What we’re in need of

High need
Any ranged but preferably
Priest (DPS/Healer)
Hunter (BM/MM)

WW Monk

Tank with heal/dps OS


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Bump. We’re still recruiting all socials, raiders, M+ers and PvP’ers! All are welcome


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Bumpy! Still recruiting especially with 8.2 right around the corner!
Hit me up in game @ TinyHorror - TinyVoid or add me on bnet to know more #Tiny21389


We’re still recruiting n stuff


Recruiting is still open!
We’re mostly looking for a tank or 2 with dps/heal OS and some dps/heal with OS to fill our roster for TEP
Whisper me @TinyHorror/TinyVoid or add me on bnet #Tiny21389 if you’re interested!


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405 ilvl fury warrior main here with potential to make a tank off-spec looking to join a guild to raid Normal and push Heroic, as well as to farm M+.
How many people do you have for raid and did you raid last night/do you have logs? :slight_smile:

I’m pretty chill, one or two nights a week, 27y/o, just looking to make some friends :slight_smile:


Hey Daddydesmond, if you’d add me on bnet I can link you our logs etc and talk some more. Tiny#21389


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Bump. Updated what we’re looking for, add me on bnet if you’re interested! #Tiny21389


Still taking in members, PM Tinyhorror for more info!


Still recruiting!

Looking for mostly ranged DPS [Hunter/Mage/SPriest] to join us in HC progression!

Add me on bnet for more info Tiny#21389 or whisper me in game at TinyHorror/TinyVoid


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Still recruiting!

Still recruiting for our guild, Lost Ambitions, looking to recruit for all aspects of WoW.
Raiding wise, we’re 5/8 HC now, still in need of a shadow priest/mage/hunter. All classes are welcome too.
Whisper me ingame for more info @ TinyHorror/TinyVoid/TinyDudu or add me on bnet Tiny#21389


Bump. we are still recruiting


Hi guys. If you have a spot for a Hpaly, let me know as I am urgently looking for a raiding guild.


Hey Bígpapa, currently we don’t have a spot for a main spec healer, if you happen to have the DPS offspec, then we can have a chat. If not then i’m sorry we can’t offer you a spot, good luck if so.

Update, we’re 7/8HC and we’re still recruiting!
Would like some mages and rogues but anybody is welcome!


Don’t suppose you want a casual hunter that would like to raid but has a baby, so is looking for something social as well? You guys sound kind of fun.