[H] M+ team forming


Mature and friendly group looking to form a horde side m+ team.

What’s our goal? To clear 2k rio score in S3 as a first target - and to see how high we can reach after that.

Who are we? A pair of players sitting at 1450 rio in S3, and were about 1850 in S2. (WW and SP)

What are we looking for? Respectful players who enjoy problem solving in a constructive manner. Ability to communicate on discord is required. Non-meta class/spec players that align with our goals are naturally welcome.

What are we not looking for? Toxics. People unable to work outside the meta.

When? Tuesday or Thursday nights 8pm - 11pm CEST.

Looking for a tank and a healer.

Reply here or add me on bnet (Athelston#2341) if interested.


Hi, can offer a Holy Paladin.
Disclaimer: it’s not my main. But I have spent some time on it to get essences.

I’m a non-raider and focus only on M+.
Looking for a regular group to push keys.

Main is also a (non-meta) healer currently 1450k S3 and 1800 S3.

Discord tru#7480
Battlenet trusmoov#2709


I’d be interested as restodruid. I puged up to +2k rio in S2. I got back to 8.2, 1.5week ago. Pushed with pugs to ~1.1rio.
Add me if interested: punq#21119