[H] MAD - Gaming Community


MAD is a Multi-Gaming Community that has played World of Warcraft since the day it was first released.

The core of Guild is made up of extremely experienced Heroic & Mythic raiders so we apply a methodical approach to raiding that will take us beyond the slap and tickle of Molten Core and into the more serious Raid encounters that many Guilds skipped back in the day simply because of the difficulty.

We have enjoyed the Classic levelling experience and are now looking to start raiding and invite players who would like to raid with mature and extremely experienced players.

Raid Nights are not set in stone yet, but we envisage raiding two nights a week, these could be week nights or weekends or both.

We can happily help members obtain their “Pre Raid Best in Slot Gear” along with Dungeon keys and Attunements.

We are presently looking to recruit…….

  • Warlocks

  • Druids Healers

  • Shaman Healers

  • Rogues

As menetioned we are on the Pyrewood Village Server- Horde - We use Discord and Team Speak so you will need the use of a working Headset & Microphone.

Thank you for your time and if your are interested in talking to us please contact or /w Mezmo in game for a quick chat.