(H) Mage LF CE Raiding Guild


Yo Guilds out there!

I’m currently on the look for a Cutting Edge Guild around World Ranking 500, before Cataclysm i raided in Guilds around World Ranking 300, but had to cut down on raiding because of personal responsibilities. Now after several Expansions of just casually raiding Mythic, i want to get back into more serious Raiding.

I have around 401 Days played on my Mage and its my Main since forever and except for Legion i never switched Mains.

warcraftlogscom/character/id/23374398 - Logs are pretty crappy, but i always strive to improve myself to get out the maximum possible.

Since i have university i prefer to start Raiding after 8pm (8.30pm would be perfect).

for everything else just hit me up on bnet: pr0fite#21910 or discord: pr0fite#4185!