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(Punyelf) #1

Maximum Attacks is a community for Classic World of Warcraft with a focus on having fun in a casual and relaxed environment.

About the Guild:

  • We are an English-speaking guild formed by players who have been grouped together in retail for many years and who are always looking for more members to join our friendly community
  • We are a casual guild looking to clear each tier of raid content before the next whilst maintaining fun social interactions with a less hardcore outlook than your run of the mill raiding guild
  • Our members are extremely social and will be forming groups for a large variety of content from levelling through the open world and dungeons to end game gearing, raiding and PvP related content both world and instanced

What we Expect from members:

  • We ask that members who join the raid team keep us up to date with their availability and let us know at their earliest possible convenience if they cannot attend a raid day in order for us to keep things running smoothly
  • We also ask that members are friendly and abide by the rules of the guild and join in on social interactions regularly to help build a strong sense of community
  • Finally, we ask that members respect all of the players within the guild, everyone should feel welcome in Maximum Attacks

Raid Days

Thursday and Monday from 20:30 until 23:30 Server Time.

How to Apply:

In order to apply to the guild simply message Dentalfloss or Puny in game or get in touch with us through discord at https://discord.gg/4dtjPgW

Social ranks are available to anyone who would like to join our community, positions on the raid team must be applied for by speaking to the guild master or an officer.

(Punyelf) #2

Our raid days have been now been agreed.

We will raid on Thursdays and Mondays from 20:30-23:30 server time.