[H] <Mirage> Mon/Wed Evening Raiding - LFM Players!


Who are we?
<Mirage> has been playing under a few banners since 2014 and is named “Mirage” since 2017. We are a long standing TBC guild (private servers) were we have been active and set cool records in stone for that scene. We run a new core with several players from our “old days” and new faces. We are one of the longest standing cores on [Firemaw] and have the intention of clearing the game together but as in all cores, we recruit new people! So please feel free to read below and see if this is the guild for you! <3

We’re looking at applications from anyone that feels confident in his or her personality (most important), personal gamer skills, abilities, playstyle & knowledge. We have a common goal of enjoying classic WoW, clearing all the raiding content with a presence @ warcraft logs.

**All of us here in <Mirage> welcome you to read through our raiding ideas and rules @ our Discord: https:// discord.gg/mcpc78W
(Remove the spacing between the “https://” and “discord” to complete the link).

If at all you should have any questions, feel free to contact anyone in our leadership: Kwesi, Pappous, Wuwei or Dive .

Our raid times are the following:
We raid Wednesdays & Mondays - The raid is opened for invites at 18:00 - as soon as we fill up, we want to start moving into the dungeon, however no later than 18:30. We stop raiding @ 22:00. (All time stamps are Server Time)
We hide our characters and summon them to AQ40 in order to save world buffs.

Loot Council
We try to run a as fair as possible Loot Council as we can. We use a google doc with several sheets of info that is updated on a weekly basis. Here you will find info on loot decisions and what not. It’s fully transparent and we also update you weekly through discord on what’s going on in our current situation guildwise.
You need to be consistent in attendance and performance in order to receive loot though.

All in all, <Mirage> will offer it’s players “the full classic experience” (:smiley:) as in clearing Naxxramas. We take all the challenges with joy as we know there is big competition on our realm on both Alliance and Horde which we intend to be a part of and hopefully have a presence in.

Phase 5 is on the go already and we are steadily clearing AQ+BWL in one night. We do MC+Binding runs and do world buffs together during raid time in order to ensure everyone gets what they need for the upcoming raid.

RECRUITMENT: We’re always recruiting any player as we believe in the individual rather than the class but at the very moment classwise, we’re very interested in 1x Shaman / Priest - 1 Warlock - 1 Hunter and Warriors.

Here is a link to our warcraft-logs:
classic.warcraftlogs.c om/guild/reports-list/498460/
(fix the .com above for a functioning link)

Hope you decide to try our community out for some “semi-hardcore” raids with a mature and respectable atmosphere! :sunglasses: :innocent:

Thank you for reading and hope you find your way to our guild! =)

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