(H) Mirror Mirror Mirror. 8/8HC 2/8M - Mythic Raiding Guild - Expanding our Roster

Mirror Mirror Mirror is a semi-hardcore raiding guild looking to expand our roster for Dragonflight. We are looking for friendly and social players of all skill levels that enjoy being part of and contributing to a pleasant guild community to join our ranks for Mythic Level Raiding. We will also have active Mythic+ groups.

Raid Days
Wednesday: 20:00-23:00
Monday: 20:00-23:00

Alt/Social Raid Day
Friday: 20:00:-23:00 (or until raid objective is killed)

We are currently looking for extra DPS and Backup Healers to guarantee our Mythic team will be full. Currently no specific class is requested. Those who enquire and wish to join will be required to provide raid logs for this raid tier so that we can see how your performance is before joining as trial.
We are also recruiting social members for non raid specific content and players who just want a place to call home. We also offer social nights outside of World of Warcraft.

The Guild currently uses a Loot Council to distribute the loot in the way that would be benefitial for the guild, prioritising DPS>Tank>Healer with some exceptions on Tier Gear, and other unique items such as the Whispering Incarnate Icon trinket. If you have more questions regarding this, please ask!

We have a discord server for our growing community where we chat about WoW related things as well as non WoW related things.

If you are interested in joining or have more questions about the guild please respond to this thread or you can ask our Officers.

CopperSocks#2462 or Peachposh#2507

Hi there!

I’d be interested in joining, I’ve taken a two year hiatus and I’m looking to get back into raiding with some chill people. I’m a Mage, I have a mic and know how to move out of fire. Feel free to message me ingame if you have any questions: Mike#27653

(P.S. Ignore the character on my forum profile, for some reason I can’t access my retail characters on the forums. :confused: )

The guild is growing! Still recruiting, socials are welcome!

The team is filling up quite nicely! Just requiring DPS now! Socials are of course always welcome!

Good vibes after first raid night!

We’re still recruiting for DPS as well as 1 tank spot!

Send us a message for further questions!

Our second raid night went even better!

We’ve had a large amount of folks joining for raid team now that we may even need a 5th healer for backup. So if you’re looking for a guild and can be backup healer, then we need you!

Still recruiting social members! Come join!

Recruitment will be slowing down as we are hitting the numbers we hoped for! Raiding is going very well and we’ve built a really solid raid team.

Keep applying, we’ll be looking for certain classes in future.

Merry Christmas!

Currently 5/8HC and going strong

Raiding environment is so much fun!

Still looking for backup healers (Main DPS and is willing to Offspecc Healer) in order to start expanding our roster further and we’re also starting a third day of raiding for Socials, Alts, and Friends to join for Normals!

The guild is currently running RCLootCouncil in order to give people their BiS items and reduce wastage of items best suited on others and it’s going very well!

If you’re a back up healer or are curious about joining, come seek us out!

Progression has been insane in what was a Casual Raiding guild! Now that we’re going into Mythic, already have killed our first boss and close on the second, we will now be classing ourselves as a Semi-Hardcore guild due to systems that we have in place as well as requirements for joining the guild.

We’re currently hitting a consistant 20-22 people signing up and showing up for raids, but we’re now recruiting more DPS and Backup healers in order to have that further security and guarantee of a raid.

Original Post has been edited to reflect this!

Recruitment is sitll open!

2/8 Mythic and some good progression on Razagath! Come join the team!

Heroic Razagath is down! Fully commited to raiding Mythic

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