<H> Mithril Knights - Looking for Awesome Peeps (2/2h, 8/9m & 5/9m)


Oh, sounds interesting!


Nice Guild
questionable Guildname though xD


plz send invite

(Arbalest) #5

Hype - Mythic Team has got Mythic Mekkatorque and Epic Team has got Mythic Opulence! Well Done to all involved!

The epic roster is currently looking for 1-2 reliable DPS peeps, and the Mythic Roster is looking for 1 outstanding DPS candidate for the roster.

PM me in game!


Good guild, thankfully not Alliance. Best MW server is in there I heard…


Can confirm the guild leader is a bird, join to find out which exactly.
We also have nice people


Agree with Dralnus


I’m tired of carrying the world on my shoulders. Care to carry me?



…10 chars no?


The only guild that has a non-triggering environment.


Everything is awesome! Everything is cool when you’re part of a team!


This guild is a good place to be. If you think you can handle being a decent human being then feel free to join in the fun!

(Arbalest) #14

The Mythic team has now downed Mythic Stormwall Blockade ! Almost there …

Still looking for one or two exceptional dps :slight_smile:


Yes we good

(Arbalest) #16

The Epic Roster just downed Mythic Conclave! Good Work tot hem!

They are still looking for 1 capable player to join their ranks, pref a ranged DPS or maybe a healer


Oh, nice! Good job

(Arbalest) #18

Crucible Cleared on Heroic! We are looking forward to down it on Mythic Now :slight_smile:

We are still on the look out for 1 capable player for both epic and mythic rosters. Hit us up!


I like this guild!


EU 5th on Heroic Crucible, join now, before it’s too late. /RocketMan


I feel loved in here… most of the time…