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TBC Classic [H] Mograine EU

Our way
Betrayed is an established guild with T4 on farm and 8/10 in T5. We aim to gather veteran players with busy real life, build a solid roster and clear every TBC content available quickly and, most importantly, efficiently. Our quality standard is high, and this allows us to keep a relaxed schedule that can cope with our real life regardless the difficulty of the challenges that are waiting for us.

Who are we looking for?
Our ideal raider is an experienced veteran, strongly motivated to play again TBC until the Sunwell will be purified from the fel corruption of the Deceiver! You have deep knowledge of your class and of the game in general, but you have limited play time and therefore you want to maximise it by being member of a well organised guild with other skilled players.If you’re dedicated you are welcome here! We also have a Social rank for people who likes to randomly login and still enjoy a friendly and skilled guild environment!

What we offer?
The best thing we can offer to you is a strong, highly motivated guild leadership. The Burning Crusade is our favourite game of all time, and we will make every possible effort to put our project in the position to succeed. We aim to create a cohesive group of skilled players who have fun playing together, while clearing all the PvE content smoothly and steadily.

Opens spots
1x Hunter
1x Resto Shaman
1x Enha Shaman
1x Ele Shaman
1x Boomkin
1x Resto Druid

Always open to evaluate other applications. Highly skilled players with a high attendance and willing to commit to the guild life will always find their spot in our ranks.

Raiding schedule
We raid on a 2/week schedule during weekdays:

Wed 21:30 - 00:30 (server time)
Thur 21:30 - 00:30 (server time)

with a possible 3rd night for progress on Tuesday

For more informations about us, come visit our guild discord or PM me directly! h ttps://discord.gg/FKfjtTscRR

Free bump for my boiz <3 gl mates

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