[H] [MOGRAINE] <Guild Name Not Available>

About Us
was formed by a group of friends and like-minded players. We share the same goal in WoW - that is to clear all content in a fun, yet efficient and organized manner.
Raiding brings 25 people together. And though this can be very fun with all the different personalities, for us to be effective it is important that the team cultivates an environment capable of getting the raid cleared. Therefore community and the willingness to continuously improve is what we value the most. But of course raiding needs to be fun which is why our ultimate goal for raids is a mixture of focus, speed, laughter, jokes and the ability to clear content in a timely fashion.

We have 2 weekly raid days - Wed/Sun 19:30-23:30 (server time) - We realize that there is also a life outside this virtual world, therefore we want to keep the raid schedule practical.

8/10 - Currently working on Vashj. Join us in our efforts to kill the naga queen.

You Will Find A Home In GNNA If You:
:fire: Enchant and gem your gear (Our guild bank provides material discounts)
:fire: Are punctual (On time for raids, outside entrance, consumes in bags)
:fire: Sign up/off for raids at least 2 days in advance
:fire: See videos, read tactics and have asked encounter-related questions beforehand
:fire: Read the spreadsheet before raid start and know your assignments
:fire: Know your class and role
:fire: Be active in the community

:eyes: Resto Druid
:eyes: Holy Priest
:eyes: Pumper mage

How to Apply
When we consider applicants we focus on the person - what unique aspects can that person bring to our raid team! How he or she fits in the team.
For this reason exceptional players and small groups will always be considered.

If you’ve read this far you might as well join our discord, make a application, or give me a poke. We really want players who share our mentality to be a part our team from now to SWP!
Go to our DC (discord.gg/SpcrSPsAdy) Read the info tab and pm a officer.

Let’s go :slight_smile:

I love it - Lets see if we can find more to our little adventure here :slight_smile:

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