[H] [Mograine] Midgård

[EU] [H] <Midgård>

Midgård has gone international! With roots from classic, our motto is to clear all content at a reasonable pace without being hardcore, when you also have fun!

Raid days:
Wednesdays 20-23
Mondays 20-23
clears everything on a raid day in P1.

Loot rules:
We are running this right now as it works great for us, we want all our raiders to know what you need and what others may need more than yourself & therefore be able to fit / choose other items. So put the guild before yourself.
We use the “Lootreserve” addon.

Recruiting right now:
:white_check_mark: Druid (Resto, Feral OT / dps)
:white_check_mark: Hunter
:x: Mage
:white_check_mark: Paladin (Ret/Holy)
:white_check_mark: Priest (Holy/disc)
:x: Rogue
:white_check_mark: Shaman (all specs)
:white_check_mark: Warlock
:white_check_mark: Warrior (Arms/Prot)

If you are interested and are one of the above classes, do not hesitate to contact me! Discord: Wonkawonka#9754

I am an Arms warrior. Tried to contact you via Discord but it says wrong ID. I am geared for P2 and attuned for it.

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