The founding members have been raiding together since early Vanilla retail and beyond.

Singularity has a dedicated and longstanding core which is at the heart of our success and community. We started off as a UK based guild but this has slowly expanded into the EU as we continue to grow and put more responsibility onto our dedicated and trusted members.

We are by no means a hardcore raiding guild but we are not completely casual either - We find ourselves in the middle of the two, when it comes to raiding we want to be fully prepared to face the content and provide a satisfying raid experience to our members but making sure to not go full on try-hard whilst doing it.

Raid Times & Schedule

These times are when we intend to begin pulling trash/bosses. Invites will always be 30 minutes prior to raid start time so be online and ready for your invite to the raid or at-least active on discord/an in-game alt to see the invites going out.

Raid Invite Times
Sunday - 20:00 ST
Tuesday - 20:00 ST

Raid Start Times
Sunday - 20:30 ST
Tuesday - 20:30 ST

Loot Distribution

Loot Council - This will be controlled by your Class Leader

Loot Council considerations that may be taken into account:

  • Item slot upgrade value
  • Previous raid item upgrade count
  • Raid Performance, attendance, attitude and contribution to the guild
  • Gear improvement effort outside of raiding
  • World Buffs & Consumables effort

Raid Calendar - Mandatory Sign-Ups

Singularity will utilise a calendar (Allgenda) to organise raids and configure the best raid composition. If you don’t register your availability for a raid slot then you may not get an invite to the raid.

Allgenda accommodates “uncertain” when it comes to sign-ups, sign up as this if you are not sure but will attend if you can.

Be Punctual

We get that real life happens but try to be on time for raid invites, our raids start at a specific time to ensure we have the availability at prime time for all the participating raid members.

Keep your class leader informed. if you cannot attend a raid or you are going to be late, let them know, a replacement can be sourced and the functionality of the raid can be maintained.

Raid Information & Preparation

Bring your consumables, Protection pots, dps elixirs/pots, Mana & Health Pots,Runes, Bandages etc

Flasks will be mandatory on Progression.

Do your Research

Read up on boss encounters and trash mobs within raids, if you have an advanced knowledge of the encounters you are about to face then this will help you and the guild overall.

Talk to your Class Leaders where necessary if you are unsure of your role in a particular encounter.

Mandatory Discord

Discord is used to co-ordinate and execute commands during a raid. Push to talk is a preferred method of communication here as no one wants to hear any unnecessary background noise during raids.

During encounters leave the channel clear for the raid leaders to organise and deliver commands, it is tempting to shout out yourself and suddenly feel the need to take over when things go wrong but your contribution along with the other people shouting down their mics wont help. Let the raid leaders lead and you follow.

Guild Leadership

GM: Rannik

GM: Chommy

Class Leaders:

Rogue: Yappo

Hunter: Badhabit

Mage : Zdouv

Druid : Lorgar

Warlock : Zhan

Shaman : JustPaul

Priest : Ari

Warrior : Syntar


I would ask that you do not consider contacting us unless you’re absolutely certain you can make our raid times, follow our rules and more importantly commit to the guild for the foreseeable future.


We’re looking for experienced players of all classes at present who can step straight into a raiding environment and listen to instructions and execute accordingly but our immediate recruitment needs are listed below.

Resto Shamans
Fury Wars

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