[H] Mograine <The Outcasts> 9/10 Semi-HC recruiting

The Outcasts | Semi HC | PvE/PvP

About us

The leadership stems from 07’ TBC veterans with an enthusiastic approach to the game. We are a Semi HC guild that look to clear content in TBC classic in a solid pace. We also have a genuine PvP interest that we can offer as a side activity to the PvE aspect of the game. It is in our DNA to strive to improve our day to day gameplay and performance. We are a home for people who are looking for an engaging guild without the necessity of being hardcore.

Who are we and who are we looking for?

Key points:

  • Players who are in it for the long run.
  • Players that are willing to go that extra mile.
  • Players that can give and take constructive criticism.
  • People that are helpful and are willing to improve themselfs and others.

Actively recruiting

  • Hunter 1 BM
  • Warlock: 1 Destro
  • Shaman: 1 Resto

Could Use

  • Mage: 1 Arcane
  • Priest: 1 Holy/Disc
  • Paladin: 1 Holy

Recruitment is always open for exceptions.


We raid Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 19:00-23:00 ST.


SSC: 5/6
TK: 4/4

Loot system:

We are using Transparent Loot Council as it puts the loot where its needed the most and where its deserved. By definition, we don’t hide any loot decisions on who gets what. Theres also a wishlist system added to this to grant the players control on what items they receive.



We look at arenas as a side activity of PvE but it is however on our target as well. How high we aim is up to the people that decide to create arena teams.


Pick up games belongs to the norm to chill out as the expansion settles in. During the weekends there’s people queuing for BG’s on a regular basis.

Why The Outcasts?

Most of us have been in other guilds where we feel like we were neglected. As an Outcast you’re gonna be one of many misfits. We look for anyone that strives to be the best player they can be without taking it too seriously, however, without being too Pepega. We intend to keep a solid small roster to keep our chemistry high at all times. This means that if we recruit you it is for our main roster, not the bench or some weird raid 2 degenerate group. We also don’t hesitate to get rid of rotten apples. What we mean by this is that if you’re toxic or have some narcissistic disorder don’t bother applying.

Info and application:

Discord: https://discord.gg/dTJspzUXsD

Tempest keep cleared! Vash is next still need couple more recruits.

On high demand.

1x Mage (arcane)
2x Shaman (any)
1x Warlock (destro)
1x Hunter (BM)

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