[H] Mythic+ team LF steady dps or heal player


TLDR: EU Horde, Adultish, Laidback, fixed team Mythic+ group for most evenings (20:00-22:30 ST), group currently has 4 people. Doesn’t have to involve guild a change. LF someone who either plays DPS or Healer (or both).


Hello fellow Horde Champions and Championettes !

We’re trying to test our luck, looking for someone who is a nice fit for our Mythic+ team.


  • We are all english speaking adults from various (mostly scandinavian) countries, who enjoy doing Mythic+ runs together most evenings of the week.
  • Due to work/family commitments we mostly only play together in the evenings, between 20:00 and 22:30 servertime, 5 to 6 times a week (friday is our main day off).
  • We pretty much exclusively spend this time doing Mythic+ runs, we do not raid and only very rarely do we do other things like Island Expeditions, a Warfront or special projects (such as getting the Hivemind together).
  • We are a team consisting of a tank, 2 dps and 4th player who can play either heal or dps. Most of us have a few alts aswell (not far behind gearwise) but our focus is mainly on doing mythic+ runs with our mains.
  • We spend our time together on Discord, just talking nonsense until we pop that keystone in; then we’ll laser focus on the job, calling things out, coordinating our interupts and minimizing the damage from all our many mistakes, the usual stuff !
  • At the moment, we often find ourselves needing a 5th player and not having anyone regularly available, which forces us to bring in pugs and, well, you’ve probably been in pugs aswell, it’s a mixed bag of experiences at the very best.
  • As we only play those couple hours every evening, and get all our fun from that, so we don’t like wasting time on pugs who leave at the first sign of a mistake or those with demoralising attitudes. Partially because of that we are looking to meet…well…maybe you !
  • We strive to do keys in time and we strive to reach for higher level keys, but when we fail the timer we finish our runs unless the situation is truely extremely dire.
  • We are tolerant of mistakes and always learning from eachother. We have been doing this type of content together the last 2-3 expansions.
  • We tend to develop our own routes through dungeons over time (and bosstactics), based on our strengths and weaknesses, adjusted for the affixes of the week, which lets us create and rely on routine a lot.
  • We generally don’t really bother doing anything less than +9/+10 keys (in this first Season), and our preference is to move higher than those.
  • We are in a guild together (which is pretty much just us nowadays, the remains of a former raiding guild) on the EU realm Draenor, however this recruitment is not about getting you into our Guild. If you fit with our Mythic+ team then you’re obviously welcome to join the guild aswell but if you have another guild you like, you’re also more than welcome to stay in there; we only care about having a regular Mythic+ buddy.


  • Someone with a healthy attitude in dungeons, mistakes will happen, we just try to minimize the damage and attempt to learn from it and have some fun during the run.
  • Someone who likes running Mythic+ most evenings with a fixed group of people, without the headaches associated with having to pug.
  • Someone who likes being on Discord voicechat with the group during dungeon runs (even if it is initially mostly just to listen, if you’re shy at first).
  • Someone able to play most (doesn’t have to be all) of the days that we play, at the times when we play. (that is 20:00 - 22:30, on any day but friday; servertime)
  • Nothing is set in stone. If you find yourself not matching up to all the things i listed, but you still feel like you would like to play with us feel free to ask anyway.


  • We aren’t overly sensitive to your current gear level. We are all roughly ilvl 380~385 geared but we don’t blink at 360 or the like either, gear comes easy.
  • We aren’t overly sensitive about lower experience levels either, if you’re fairly inexperienced but like to learn we’ll likely be able to get you onto our track pretty fast.
  • We don’t care about your raider io score or any other such metrics.
  • We don’t care much either way about what Guild you’re in and if you want to join ours or not.
  • We don’t really have preferences in regards to your age, whether you are male or female, studying or working or whatever, we’re mostly just spending a few hours most evenings talking about wow or generic stuff while slaying some monsters.


  • Plenty of Mythic+ runs to complete every week.
  • You won’t have to worry about getting maximum credit towards the Weekly chest.
  • You won’t have to worry about people leaving or throwing a big tantrum when there are mistakes during a run.
  • A Group that will over time adjust to your playstyle and strengths, just as you adjust and get used to ours.


  • We get asked this a lot and frankly, yes we have to admit it is pretty great.

If you feel like you might be interested, don’t be afraid to give me a shout either here on the forum, in game or at BattleTag: Sandborn#2461


Hi! I’ve been on the lookout for an M+ team for a while now! I’d love to play with you guys if you are still searching.

I am a 385 ilvl priest who switches frequently between holy and disc as needed. I also have a Vengeance DH alt at around 378ilvl .

Here is my raiderio: raider io/characters/eu/kazzak/Elbaba I know it isn’t impressive, as I have been forced to pug, but I feel with a steady m+ team and communication on discord I can improve a lot more, hopefully I will be your man!


Hey, you’re the first to respond really :slight_smile: and someone added me on Battle net (but that might be you as well).

But yea that sounds great. Coincidentally, it would make for a great mix of classes/roles too, as one of our other guys can alternate between rogue dps and mistweaver healer at the same itemlevels (and the other 3 of us are tank+dps+dps full time on geared alts), so basicly the ability to make a THDDD team with any combination of alts.

We’ll be doing a couple runs tonight at 20:00 and as far as i know (cant be 100% sure) none of the others have arranged for a 5th member yet, so if you happen to be available we can probably give it a whirl then (and if you’re not then we can try tomorrow or whenever works for you).

I’m guessing you’re the one who added me on battle net, so i’ll give you a shout there whenever we’re both online, i won’t really be in-game before 19:30-ish today but i’ll be around on battle.net off and on throughout most of the evening. Oh and if that wasn’t you that added me, then feel free to still add me of course, my battle tag is in the earlier post.


Ah unfortunately it wasn’t me who added you on Bnet, I will do so now though.

My Bnet is TheMoro9#2221


If you are still looking, it would be great to chat! I have both MW Monk and Resto Druid at ~385, but have all healers someone around 360. Monk is definitely my favourite though :smiley: I have one 375ish mage on Alliance (that will probably come Horde soon) and other DPS at low ilvls, but my preference is to play heals.

I work full time, but have a lot of free time in the evenings and weekends, and am from the UK. I ended up pugging (or part-pugging) almost the entirety of season 1 so would be nice to find a more fixed team for season 2. And am on Draenor too =)

Anyway if you’re interested feel free to drop me a message - Jim#23918. Would love to chat more :slight_smile:


Hey :slight_smile: Nice

Yes, we have had a couple promising people reach out already so far, so we’re kind of in the process of planning a few runs together on specific evenings and such. Seeing if things match up expectation-wise for everyone involved, and how much the schedules fit together, things like that.

In short, i can’t really make any promises yet until i know how these things shake out on our end (which i should have more of an idea on after the weekend), but i’ll make sure to add you on Battle net at least so we can talk when i know more :slight_smile: