[H] <Nexilis> -15/15 Naxxramas- Is Recruiting for Weekly Naxx Raids!

Horde Semi-Hardcore Raiding [English]

Current Progression
:white_check_mark: Molten Core
:white_check_mark: Onyxia
:white_check_mark: Zul’Gurub
:white_check_mark: Blackwing Lair [28 minutes]
:white_check_mark: Ruins of Ahn’Qiraj
:white_check_mark: Temple of Ahn’Qiraj [43 minutes] - progressed as #4 on server (Horde) & cleared first ID in both raid teams
:white_check_mark: Naxxramas 15/15 [1hr 58min]

About Us
Nexilis is a dedicated group of players with a more hardcore atmosphere in raid 1 and a more relaxed atmosphere in raid 2 (but basic requirements are still present in both). We have players who played WoW on Retail from Vanilla to BfA and on various private servers. We use loot council.
What We Offer
Enjoyable farm raids that are fun, but still efficient and clean. We put in more focus and energy for speed runs during DMF.
What We Want
We are looking for team-players who are reliable and want to take part in some fun in Naxxramas before TBC.
-Two world buffs and full consumables (not flask) for raids, but many DPS get full world buffs
-80% attendance rate and to give adequate notice if you cannot make a raid
-Good attitude for raids
-Be reliable (show up to raids on time and prepared)

Raid Info

-Raid Days-
Wed 19:00-Midnight & Sun 19:00-Midnight (Raid 1) 15/15
Sun 20:00-Midnight & Tues 20:00-Midnight (Raid 2) 15/15
Both have cleared in one evening, but for now we will keep the 2nd day for each just in case!

We have two raid teams and plan to continuously clear Naxxramas with both.
The first group will run Naxx on Wed+Sun - more hardcore team with higher standards.
The second group will run Naxx Sun+Tues - more relaxed team with less raid hours.
We will cut down to one day for each team as soon as we find one day clears reliable!

Recruitment Information

Currently recruiting the following classes:

  • 1-2 Resto Shaman(s)
  • 1-2 Heal Priest(s)
  • 1 Fury Prot
  • 1 Warlock

Open to all applicants, all classes and specs are fine as long as you perform accordingly.

If your class isn’t listed but you are interested, just apply! Always looking for good players!

Should you have any questions, please message me on discord or in game!

Discord: Mandy#3201
In game: Adelaide, Tokada, Rabbitgirl, Bunnygirl


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