[H] <Nivlheim> [3/10M 10/10HC] Mythic Raiding Guild Need Dps + Healer


As a Mythic guild we reached 3/10 in Nathria towards the end of the patch. We aim to have a team of 23 or so players so that we have people capable of filling in on raid nights for absences. If you haven’t mythic raided before then that isn’t a problem if you are willing to learn and get stuck in with the guild. We’re currently hoping to recruit the last few spots we have to round out our raid team.

We offer a relaxed, banter-filled environment for new and experienced players alike. We also ultimately want to progress so we do focus and push our buttons when it comes to the business end of raiding. We have an active discord to fit all your social needs. - socials are always welcome! We also dabble in PvP with a few members going for some arenas or rated bgs throughout the week. We push M+ keys relatively often aswell

Our raid times are currently:
Sun 20:00-24:00ST
Tue 20:00-24:00ST

Recruiting - We are currently looking for:
DPS - Ideally range though a strong melee will be considered.
Off tank - Any dps who can fill in as a tank when one of our tanks are missing.

We expect raiders to have good attendance and performance. We expect you to stay until the end of raid is called. More importantly, we want people with the willingness to learn and improve. We understand that it might take time to get an understanding of the class in mythic. We also expect reasonable prep such as basic tactics/mechanics, Weakauras/ExRT, gear gems and enchants.

Flask & food will be provided for progression by the guild via optional weekly donations.

personal loot - we only ask that you help gear other people if you dont truly need it.

If this sounds like the guild for you, feel free to get in touch either on discord or in game.

Feel free to contact us in game or discord with any questions:
Kaptaín (GM/Rl)
Yoshygoose (Officer)
Garshak (Recruitment Officer) - Kord/Garshak#1368 (Discord) SushiDragon#2289 (Blizzard)
Jawje (Officer)

Still looking for dps/heal to fill main raid team. Contact an officer in-game/discord for more info.

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