[H] <None So Fierce> - 9 / 9 HC BoD 2 / 2 HC CoS - Recruiting for Non Mythic Raids


Hello everyone!

None So Fierce is a horde guild on Stormscale, where we dont expect to clear Mythic raids or be a top guild on the server! The main goal is simple, clear Heroic raid content while having a blast doing so :slight_smile:

Our guild is built upon a group of real life friends from Bergen Norway who again have invited their buddies both from real life or previous gaming experiances. Most of us is 30 years or older and have been playing WoW ever since vanilla with some breaks in between expansions as blizzard never seem to be fast enough with new content.
Anyways! since we are old guys living far north with bad weather we end up spending a lot of time in game where we raid, do 5 man instances and joke around in Discord. WoW has become our break from real life issues such as girlfriends, kids, work and all those other annoying things that is expected of everyone :slight_smile:

So a little more about our guild itself! The guild was founded right after WoD was released, about that time where garrisons seemed to be a fun thing and you found yourself going into the mine and collecting flowers in your back yard and threw them into the guild bank thinking “this is awesome, i never have to leave this place!”.
When the raids finally were released we set our goal to clear every raid instance on heroic within enough time to earn our “curve” achievements. This goal was again achived in Legion and through that expansion we gained a lot of new members i would consider part of the “core” group these days, and i strongly believe that the key for us still sticking around is due to the goals we have set for our guild.

Achievements during BfA:

  • Uldir Normal 8/8
  • Uldir Heroic 8/8
  • Battle of Dazar’alor Normal 9/9
  • Battle of Dazar’alor Heroic 9/9
  • Crucible of Storms Normal 2/2
  • Crucible of Storms Heroic 2/2

Who are we looking for:

  • We are looking for players who do not seek the thrill of mythic raiding, the players out there who know that Heroic is difficult enough and take some time to manage 100%.
  • You need to understand that during raids it is OK to mess around and joke with each other, but during boss fights stay focused on your game.
  • We expect you to always give your best during raids and try to figure out ways to improve yourself. We do not kick or thrash talk bad performances, but if we see you struggling we will try to help you out a bit with tips & tricks. We try our best to take care of guild players

Classes/spec we are looking for:

  • Looking for DPS players
  • Looking for an extra healer
  • We are also looking for groups of players, such as a group of real life friends or online gaming buddies

Main raid days are: Monday & Wednesday 19:30 - 23:00

Who to contact:
Did i convince you? GREAT! just contact an officer (Best way to do so is Discord, due to work and RL):

  • Santire- BattleNet Santire#2116 - Discord Santire#4733
  • Sala - BattleNet Sala#2895 - Discord sala#8645

-Santire / Athk


trenger dere dk dps


Still looking for DPS


We still need some more dps.


still looking


Still got room for some DPS players


Still looking for dps/healers.


missing a few DPS still. Also updated the post a bit


5/9 HC btw :smiley:


6/9 HC atm.


Still in need of players. Updated with CoS


BM hunter LF guild


Feel free to contact us in discord or on bnet Smartz :slight_smile:


Still Looking