[H] <Nothing Special> 8/8H - Est. 2021

Nothing Special | Draenor | Horde

Vault: 8/8H

Once again, it’s time to draw your attention to what might be the best (or worst) guild advert you’ve ever read. Or at least a strong contender.

We are Nothing Special: Since December 2021, we’ve become known for our award winning* jokes and welcoming community, all with some cheeky Heroic progression (with a side of Mythic progression from time to time). We’re a strong, stable team of likeminded players who all met through the game; no strange IRL cliques or bizarre power dynamics! Crazy, right?


We're not super obsessed with growing as big as possible. We want everyone to feel that they're part of something, that they contribute and help us move forward. Those who join us (almost sounds like a cult at this point) say they love the cosier atmosphere and occasional dig at James when he dies on trash.

We want players who share our goal of smashing Heroic at a good pace and have a good time along the way, with the possibility of some early Mythic kills in the future. We’ve taken a more relaxed approached to Season 1, and we’re keen to rev back up in preparation for Season 2. With that said, we have high expectations and always push ourselves to play our best. Everyone has a say in our success: our progress is a team effort.

We run socials, play other games together and generally hang out. There’s always something going on.

M+ players, we’re also looking for you! We run keys from +5 to +20 so, even if you don’t raid, we might be what you’re looking for.


Ever been on a date and someone has said "I'm not like other people"? It's a bit like that. Sort of. That was a bad analogy.

Can I delete this? No? Alright.

  • A smaller guild where you can make a big impact; everyone gets involved
  • A promise that, some day, you’ll receive a Nothing Special pen. Any day now…
  • We’re focused on collaborating, improving and learning together. We’ve been raiding together for over a year
  • We support and guide each other. Gearing an alt? We’ve got your back
  • Guild surveys that give every team member a chance to shape our future with suggestions and improvements
  • You get to shout “THEY SAID THE THING!” whenever “nothing special” is said in a normal sentence. Happens more often than you think.
  • A guild age average of 28.

But don’t just take our word for it! Check out these 100% legitimate testimonials!

“Nothing Special was what we based the founding of the United States on all those years ago” -Barack Obama

“Everyone has been plenty helpful and accepting. I just wanna thank you for finding me on the streets of Tazavesh and giving me the opportunity to join you guys” -Bear

“I could fold you like a deck chair you anorexic goth” - An angry WoW player

“If I didn’t already have a guild I would apply for this one” - Allgon, proof-reading this very ad. He has since been gkicked so he can put his money where his mouth is


If all this sounds like something you'd be interested in, we're after:
  • Ranged DPS (minimum ilvl 400)
  • Mythic+ players

However you play the game, we’d love to hear from you. Please check our Raider IO or Wowprogress pages for previous progression info.


Wednesday & Sunday: 8PM-10:30PM ST


If you're here for a long time, and not just a good time**, we'd love to hear from you:

Recruitment lead: Broadlore#2464 (Disc and BNet)

*jokes may or may not actually be award winning.
**we also have good times!

Still looking for like-minded people to join us!

Raszageth has fallen! We’re still looking for Ranged DPS with a minimum of 400 ilevel for the raid team <3

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