[H] <Oh Crit> 10/10M - Recruiting for 9.1 and Reclears!


Oh Crit is a group of ambitious raiders, looking to rise in the world rankings/regional rankings. Next tiers goal is top 5 on the server and top 250 EU for 9.1 .

Our guild is old (Cataclysm) but our Mythic Raiding Endeavour began in late BFA (8.3). Since then we have smashed all goals set by the leadership. Through a strong group of core players and organised leadership, we have managed to go from world 3000+ & realm 50th > to 900th in the world and realm 8th.

We are a driven core group of players, always on the lookout for those wish to progress the rankings, whilst maintaining a non-toxic and fun environment.

We raid Wednesday, Thursday, Monday 20:15-23:00 server time.

Add me if you’re of a similar mindset and experience, and I can provide you more detailed idea of the guild environment and aims.

Terraxus#8750 =Discord
Terraxus#2974 =Bnet