[H] <Only in Kenya> 2/8M Raiding guild recruiting!

(Engill) #1
Greetings everyone, I am Engill of <Only in Kenya>, a relatively new guild on this server with a heavy focus on quality raiding in a friendly environment. We don't rage, we don't blame, we try to improve on our faults and help each other becoming better players. We did this succesfully in Legion and will do so here too.

We are seeking additional ranged dps, casters preferred and healers (Mistweaver/R shammy, Disc priest, Holy pala) but we consider anyone who is interested in joining us as we have players who are flexible. All socials and pvpers are welcome within our ranks as well.

We transferred to this server at the end of Legion to make a guild here to raid as Horde, we heard the war drums once again and heeded the call. Our core consists of veteran raiders and players dating back to vanilla. In Legion we raided mythic in all raid tiers and were for a time #1 on our faction on the server.

Our raids are from 7:30 till 10:30 PM server time on Wednesdays, Sundays and Tuesdays. We sometimes stop early but never go over time.

You can reach me here on the forums or in-game at bnet: HĂșnbogi#2903

Thank you