[H] ORCA - 6/10 M LF Exp Players

< Orca > We have a strong multiyear core and semi-hardcore attitude towards progression raiding aimed at achieving Cutting Edge (currently we are 6/10 MM)

  • Raiding Schedule:
    Friday / Sunday / Monday @ 19:45 - 23:00 (Server Time)
    (Optional Heroic clear every Wednesday)
    (On farm, we will drop to 2 nights (likely Friday & Sunday))

  • Recruiting at the moment:
    ALL classes/specs (DPS prio)

  • Our expectations from you:
    Over 80% monthly attendance and punctuality.
    Being able to communicate through Discord (w/ mic)
    Zero toxicity
    Mythic Raiding Experience

Please contact me via Discord for further info and/or if you want to apply: Koyo#6578

As we approach 7/10 on Mythic, we’re still looking for:
ALL classes and specs.

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