[H] Parallel Eclipse looking for players for 2 nights raiding guild

Hello Everyone

Parallel Eclipse is a mature PvE guild on Tarren-Mill.

In the following wall of text, we will introduce you to our guild and what we’re about, what we can offer you, and lastly how you can join us.

Current openings:

This part will be different from what you usually see. What we look for is players and not just gear or achievements. We believe that someone with little to no experience raiding still has the potential to be a good player, because of this what we mainly look for is long term players over characters. Of course a player with up to date gear and experience will have an easier time joining the guild and our raids but anyone with the right mindset will be given a fair chance.

(8/10 hc)
This guild is seen as a semi-harcore raiding guild being able to clear content on its highest difficulty while it is still relevant. A lot of players can play at a high level but lack the time to commit to a hardcore raiding guild. Here we do understand that you have a life outside the game and that it has first priority. Because of this we have 2 main raids each week each lasting 3 hours. Since we raid less often we want to get as much out of each raid as possible without compromising real life. Within the guild we provide different ranks depending on how much time each individual have for raiding.

Main raid days

Wednesday - 20:00-23:00 server time (GMT+1)

Sunday - 20:00-23:00 server time (GMT+1)

(off-day/Alt-raid) Friday 20:00-23:00 Server time (GMT+1)

Social part

In this guild we do not only care for raiding but prioritize the social part high as well to maintain an enjoyable atmosphere both inside and outside raids. We believe that raiding is so much more than just killing bosses and that the people you kill them with is as, if not more, important than the kill itself. At the same time we see a guild as a community and not just a raid group, so frequently different events are ongoing inside the guild, be it mount runs, achievement runs, dungeon runs or playing other games together such as Overwatch or Heroes of the Storm. This is all something we value.


As any other community we need a set of rules so everyone is on the same page and a structured and ordered, yet pleasant atmosphere can be present. We expect all our members to read through our rule set and follow them at all times. Our rule set can be found on our discord server: discord(dot) gg/hG7sMe7n5k

Why require an application?

We do only accept written applications via our google form. The act of making an application, shows us that you are willing to commit to our guild. People who can’t be bothered with this, aren’t welcome in our community. This may seem harsh but we want to draw a very clear line here.


You are always welcome to contact our recruitment officer Dunt on her battle tag: persephone#2669, or any of our other officers on their battle tag: Dunturall#2951 if you should have any questions or would like a talk about the guild before writing your application.

How to join us

If our post has caught your attention and you wish to join our guild we ask of you to go to our google form at >>docs(dot)google (dot)com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSf6doAy2MrzmPpr8zEoucscuVjrVAnfSbmDw88FvAbwMgq5aQ/viewform and write and post an application there.

Thank you for reading our post and hopefully we’ll see you in our guild soon!

Still looking for raiders for the roster. Mainly in need of ranged dps

currently also recruiting healers, pref also with a dps off-spec to bolster our team.

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