[H] <Parliament> Recruiting everyone for some chilled raids!

[H] - Ahn’Qiraj 40 9/9

About Us
was founded at the beginning of Classic as a democratically ran guild. We are a semi-hardcore guild, so whilst we have a core raiding team there are also many socials that come to raids and PvP events. Our officers are elected every 3 months, and have weekly meetings to decide on the strategy for the guild. Many of these decisions (such as our loot system, raiding days etc) are put to the guild for a vote or feedback.

We have had an extremely stable player base since release, and have not yet struggled for attendance. We have cleared 9/9 AQ40 after downing Viscidius this week

Loot System
We use a weighted roll loot system that prioritizes attendance without disregarding our social players. Certain low drop chance item are reserved for raiders first as this aids progression. Upon winning an item you will receive a -30 roll debuff, giving other people a higher chance of winning an item. This ensures loot is spread evenly during a raid.

Raiding Times
Sunday 19:00 - 23:00 - AQ40
Thursday 19:00 - 21:00 - BWL
Friday 19:00 - 21:00 - MC
AQ20 - 3+ times a week.
ZG - On Request
We also have a number of PvP events throughout the week.

What We Offer

  • A stable, social environment
  • A say in how the guild is ran
  • Daily dungeon runs
  • Weekly PvE and PvP events

We are actively recruiting for the following classes to bolster our raiding team:

Resto Shamans - High
Holy/Disc Priests - High
Rogues - High
Mages - High
Warlocks - Medium
Warriors - Medium

We are open to all classes and players either on a social basis or for PvP. Our Socials get spots in most of our raids. Join us as a Social and convince us to promote you to a Raider!

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