(H) <Physix> Zenedar 11/12 Mythic is recruiting!

“Physix” is one of the older guilds on zenedar that always has been on Zenedar. It has been founded in the ICC days and reformed in 8,3.

Currently we are looking for a disc priest / holy paladin and a mage / warlock.
We raid 2 days a week on Wednesday and Monday 19:00 till 22:00.
Besides raiding we also organize mythic+ runs, normal/heroic runs and do old content (raids, achievments etc).

What do we expect from you?

  • Decent knowledge about the game
  • Having a sense of humor but able to play serious.
  • Being able to communicate
  • No drama (also not about loot)

Our aim is to get CE and in shadowlands get back to top 1000 world atleast.
If you are interested or want more information add me on battlenet:


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Wow sounds great

i did a Tol Dagor +10 once with 30 minutes overtime, hope that is okay by your standards

Still looking for some dps and healers!

Recruited a few more dps. Still in high need of more healers and a few dps

Still looking for more people to join the fun :smiley:

Up! Still looking for some dps and a healer

Recruitment is still open! come join the fun :smiley:

Recruited another healer and 3 new dpsers! Could still use some more dps (especially ranged but melee are welcome aswell) and optionally one healer!

Recruitment ongoing. Are you interesting let us know!

Up! feel free to add me on realid Swyxia#2707

Up! feel free to add our recruitment leader on realid Swyxia#2707

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Hi . I am a holy priest with ilevel of 430-435 (depending on what I wear). I can not promise to be able to join all your raids but I can of course be always prepared appropriately.

Up! Still in need of 1 healer and mainly ranged dps (few melee spots open)

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Up, still looking for a healer and dps! (mainly ranged)

bump this we still looking

Bump! Still looking to expand our roster

Bump! Still looking to expand our roster

Up! get yourself a home before 8,3