[H] [PVE] [Nethergarde Keep] <Kenny Reloggins> is recruiting! (Phase 2 - 10/10 pre-nerf)

Who are we?

Kenny Reloggins began as a small group of experienced players who started a guild with the intention of clearing TBC content in a relaxed yet organised and effective manner.

Some of us have known each other since before WoW, most of us have played together on other servers and a few of us have real life connections to each other outside of the game too. After building a core group of friends and starting recruitment, we’re now looking to fill the last few gaps in our ranks.

We started TBC content with a simple roll-for-loot system and plan to continue using this into Phase 2 and beyond. We’re quite a chilled bunch and this has worked well enough for us so far.


  • Serpentshrine Cavern: 6/6
  • Tempest Keep: 4/4

What we expect?

We’re looking for people who want to clear TBC content and are willing to put the effort into their character and raid time. We’re not going to be hardcore by any means and everyone in the guild has the usual real life commitments to deal with. We want to make our time spent raiding count and worthwhile whilst making friends and having fun together.

We don’t have any minimum attendance requirements but we do expect you to be somewhat available if you intend to join. In the event of too many sign-ups we have a fair and transparent rotation system that includes all members and officers.

Raid schedule:

Thursday and Sunday 20:30-23:30 Server Time.

What we need?

UPDATED (24/01/22) - Currently full.

Getting the right kind of people into the guild and raids is important to us so all applications will be considered, regardless of class or spec. Social members looking for a home are also welcome to apply.

How to contact?

Contact Tarpz or Ganjor in game or message @Tarpz#2713 or @Ganjor/CKhouse1#5478 on Discord.


Ehy guys u still need a warlock? im a veteran hardcore raider from the first tbc, wotlk ulduar etc… i quit after cata, and restart 1 month ago.
At the moment im not looking for hardcore raiding, just want a chill ambient where grow together and ofc make some progress and be part of the roster, i dont like ppl who fight for a loot or too much competitive, i can trasfer my character rn if u need…
still miss just a couple of steps for kara attunement, but im playing hard :))
let me know pls ty :slight_smile:

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Are you still looking for a prot paladin?

Hi Serv,

Sorry I missed your reply here. We are still looking for a Prot Paladin.

If you’d still like to have a chat feel free to get in touch.

Recruitment updated.