[H] PVP Guild (RBG/arena) Magical Unicorns Recruiting!


TLDR: Recruiting people of any CR/XP for a guild focussed on arena/RBG. Shoot me a msg/reply below with info on ur xp/cr/class!

Hello, I started a guild a while ago. At first, i mainly wanted it to be social. But i’ve been able to attract some pretty good pvpers (just check check-pvp on our guild if you wanna know what we got currently, but plenty of 2K+ rated players in 3’s)

And now I want to “expand”/add on to this guild to make it a sort of community for pvpers to start RBG’s or obviously find teammates for arena. We already do several RBG groups a week, but still have to pug about half the group to be able to have a decent comp. The main group is currently at about 1900MMR.

Now, is anyone interested in this? Shoot me a message or reply below and include:

  • your ingame name

  • Class + spec

  • Experience / CR in both arena and RBG

There is no XP or CR requirement, the point is to have people for multiple levels of CR/XP/… So we can have a place where we can find players of any xp/cr to group up.

I’m also looking for people who are interested in leading (or shotcalling) the RBG’s as well, so if you’re interested in that be sure to mention it. I lead quite a few myself, but i can’t be online every day obviously :D.

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Hey dude,

I play a bunch of healer characters with different CRs in arena so would be interested to join after next reset (so my chest doesn’t bug out :confused: )

Is there a healing class you really need or otherwise I’d love to transfer my monk!

my btag: FilthyCasual#22536


Hi mate, would like to ask you some questions.
Can you leave me your btag or in case add me?


Hi there!

Been looking for a pvp guild for a while now (uh dk and ele shaman)

Could you please throw me a /w next time you log in @ Vargan#2537?


rival warr 2krbg lf pvp guild alexlawson#2436


I am a resto/ele Shaman
got 1900cr this season, duelist season 1
Hero of the horde in cata
ingame nick - Sourenson



I am handsome Orc Warlock who is currently looking for PvP guild for RBG’s and other fun stuff. I consider myself quite skillled but my experience is mostly limited to Battleground Heroing which I like to spam most of the time I am playing this game. :smiley: Now however I am interested of trying the rated battlegrounds as they always sound super fun for me.

Soo I am chill 29 Years old Finnish guy who loves to PvP and will be streaming most of the time I am playing so hopefully that won’t be issue.

  • Ingame: Toadot
  • Orc Desctruction Warlock
  • Battleground hero in hearth have some Arena experience from past and recently started to do them for fun too! Would really love to do Rated Battlegrounds.

I have plenty of time to play and get better as well as Streaming is part of what I am doing at this moment.

Kind Regards,


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