[H] < Qiraji> 10/10/ MC, 1/1 Onyxia PVP/PVE recruiting!

<Qiraji> Firemaw | EU | Horde | Semi-Hardcore Raiding Guild 10/10 MC 1/1 Onyxia. Opened the gates for new applicants for Raid group 2!

Lok’tar Ogar sons and daughters of the Horde! We are currently improving on our already strong core of players.
Many of which have extensive retail vanilla wow experience.
Our guild is dedicated towards maximum raid progression and we constantly strive to improve and grow as a guild. A positive attitude, consistency and willingness to sacrifice is critical to membership here.
Our Raid group 1 using DKP System while Raid group 2 using Loot Council.

What we expect from you:

  • We are an international guild and being able to communicate in English, at least on writing is a must.
  • Study your class, know your role in raids and try to excell as much as u can.
  • Always show up to raids with the correct consumables and be prepared.
  • Bring dedication, in general we require you to attend all 2-3 raids a week, but we do understand that IRL is a factor.

What we can offer you:

  • A dedicated, strong and helpful core of members.
  • High-level raid leading, understanding and fast progress.
  • A great, hilarious, laid-back and mature guild community in and outside of our raids.
  • Premade hardcore PvP with the best of players who prior have achieved high ranks + World PvP for funzies.

Raid days and times:
Raid Group 1: Wednesday & Sunday + a third raid day at phase 3
Time: 19:00 -23:30 (CEST/ST).
Raid Group 2: Monday & Tuseday.
Time: 19:00 -23:30 (CEST/ST).

We are in need of :

Raid Group 1:

  • 1 Resto Shaman.
  • 1 Geared Rogue.
  • 1 Exp Warlock

Raid Group 2:

  • 2 Resto Shamans
  • 1 Holy Priest

  • If you think Qiraji would be great for you! Please feel free to leave an application on our website and join the discord below:
    Our website: qiraji. com
    Our Discord: discord.gg/Hz5hj4e
    Little hype video: youtu.be/l7Oqv7-nshE

See you on Firemaw! #TheQirajiWay - The right way!strong text


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