[H] <Reject> - 7/10M - Wed/Thurs/Tue 20-23

Please find us at WoWprogress.com for more information on how to apply

Reject is a newly formed guild, our goals and ambitions are to create a semi-hardcore raiding environment, which includes a relaxed schedule although serious approach to raiding. Although we are new, we have been around as friends and teammates for 2 years or longer. We cherish the opportunity to play with each other and we hope that you’d join us. However, despite being friends, we are familiar with (constructive) criticism and without any favortism

Most of us come from an environment of top 100 raiding, highest M+ keys, or even high end PvP. We’re looking to have fun and find the humorous side in everything, but we’re not screwing around. We respect each other, and each others’ time, and we express that respect by being prepared and knowledgeable, being able to help each other out.

If you’re looking to just get by, THIS GUILD IS NOT FOR YOU. We strive for excellence.

Our aim is World 100-150 from 2nd tier of Shadowlands


Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday - 20:00 - 23:00.

Above times are listed in Server Time. Invites goes out 15 min prior to raid.

What is expected from a raider:

Decency: Respect for other people (and for yourself). Don’t waste your time, come prepared to a fight. This is a game – we like to have fun, things we say are not (always) serious. If we need to make an adjustment to better progress on a boss fight, don’t take it personally. If we get stuck during progress, we’ll experiment and try to find out a random solution if nothing seems to work. If something like this happens – it has nothing to do with you as a person or a player.

Dedication: Having the right positive mindset towards raiding and the team is essential. That includes preparation, staying positive and contributing with positive energy to the atmosphere.

Attendance: It is expected that each individuals attendance is as close to 100% as possible. Naturally, emergencies may happen, although being consistently present is essential.

How to apply:

In order to apply, please fill out an application at: https://forms.gle/hq2FLD94LwK9zdQC8

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