[H] Resto druid/Shaman & Warlock LF Myth guild

Me and my friend are now looking for new Guild for season 4 , dragonflight and onwards.

What you Will get from us
-Near 110% attendence (real life happends but we Will make sure to let officers know in advance)
-Comming prepared is very important for us in both tactics,knowing mechs in prior to starting proggress a boss,and having an up to date character(renown, gear conduits etc).
-Commited raiders that wanna kill bosses asap and puts the team first (we know we can get benched due classes and comps from boss to boss).
-Multiplie CE raiders and world first raiders back in tbc, wotlk. We know what it takes to play in a progress enviorment.
-Active players outside of raids in the game, loves to play m+ and other activites.
-friendly banters and bring a good atmosphere outside and inside of raids.

What we expect out of a guild
-Organised raids where people are commited in killings bosses and know what it takes to do so. We dont wanna see people come unprepared or be more intrested in E-P eenis flexing with loggs or be top of the dmg meter.
-We want the guild to have clear goal why we are raiding and how to reach it.
-We want a guild that is aiming towards being a top 800 guild and keep improving every tier, what rank the guild got at the moment doesnt matter, But it should have a goal to climb.

  • A fun and friendly enviorment both outside and inside raiding.

If this feels like a right fit or got any questions add me on:

Discord: sibellz#0789 (preferbly)
Bnet: sibellz#2159

Bumping this one up, still looking for our new home :slight_smile: