[H] - Resto shaman - LF RBG guild



Since a few weeks i returned to wow after a break of about 6 years. I stopped after completing most of the content in Cataclism. I was in that time in the top 0.5% of RBG in Europe. I played against the nr 1 teams in Europe.

I was in the guild Deeply Disturbed on the maelstrom. My shaman is called Dielight. You can find all of my statistics in that server/character. Currently i am playing on another shaman on tarren mill (Slettedel).

Besides RBG i play arena. I am an arena master (rating vary between 2200-2400), but i earned all those achievements in the lich king and cataclism.

Like i mentioned before, i just returned and i am gearing up as we speak and practicing in getting my skill back. I am looking for a guild who are doing RBG actively.

Greetings Slettedel (Dielight)

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