[H] Resto Shaman LF Semi-hardcore Mythic raiding guild

Recently returned player looking to raid mythic in dragonflight. I’m currently playing resto shaman and want to play it as my main. I’m planning on having at least 1 alt healer in dragonflight haven’t decided which one so I’m flexible there.

Want to try out in current patch so that I have a spot for Dragonflight. Currently on Kazzak but looking for guild on Draenor, Kazzak and Tarren-Mill. Will server swap if I find on Draenor or Tarren-Mill.

ilvl 297 raid ready.

Hmu :slight_smile:

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Hello Davvde.

Our guild “Order of Immortal Dawn” are looking for a healer for our Dragonflight roster.
We are a social “family-oriented” raiding guild on Draenor Horde, that focuses highly on the community. We raid wednesday and sunday at 19:45-23:00. Outside of raiding, we engage in mythic plus on a daily basis and have occassionally some social events.

If you’re interested to hear more, you can contact me at Duke Harazo#5933 on Discord.

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