[H]Returning DK looking for a home


Hey! I left the game around the end of uldir and then i got back just to play it on and off on alts and low lvl characters. Right now i would like to get back to my main character (dk) and find a guild to play with. No matter how much fun are you having, when you play alone you are prone to get bored.

What i am looking:
-M+, normal/HC raiding guild
-2 days a week raiding (if your raids start around 20 server time i am in love with you)
-active guild chat (i only use discord to raid. Otherwise i prefer to keep the discussion in the chat)
-a community. A real group of friends that play together. The older the guild is, the better (i am rly impressed when i hear that some guilds play together since the beginning of time. I want that too)

Where i am looking for it:
-any realm that is not draenor (that place is waaaay to crowded)

What can i offer:
-a player that can get in time for the events it signs up (or announces if he can’t come)
-tank/DPS (i don’t favor one over the other)
-a response to your “Hey!” when you log in
-unfortunately, a leveling character. After legion i decided to switch my main. So even tho i have characters on multiple servers, 110 is the most i have (that is why i am not picky about the realm the guild is on)

Anyway, hope i haven’t bored you with the wall of text.