[H] Ripple - Ragnaros Mythic Guild recruiting 5/8M

Hello, we are the guild Ripple on Ragnaros EU

We do raid on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 20:15 to 22:30 and our goal is to achieve CE during the content 10.1

Recruitment is always open

For more info just add me on Battlenet directly: OTPLoreTTV#2871

First Mythic boss dead - still looking for some dps

Broodkeeper HC DOWN! 7/8HC NOW and Primal Council Mythic at 6%!

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We are currently recruiting DPS Ranged/Melee and 1 Healer.

2/8M now, Council dead. Still looking for dps

Currently progressing on Raszageth HC! After few pulls the boss hit 56%.

LF dps interested in HC but especially mythic progression

Battlenet: OTPLoreTTV#2871

Still looking for some good dps! Rszageth 32%!

battlenet: OTPLoreTTV#2871

2/8M - still looking for some good dps

We are currently looking for DPS melee and Ranged to add to our Mythic Roster 2/8 Mythic and Rszageth HC 26%.

If you are looking for an active guild that does raiding and a lot of M+ then join us! We have a lot of people between 2.4 to 2.7k RIO and we are active always everyday!

Raz Heroic Dead! 8/8 HC and 2/8 M - still looking for some more good dps!

I have the same progress as you guys. Are all raid days for mythic? I can only raid 2 days a week, but if one of your raids is normal/hc, then that’s fine - I’ll skip those. Big healer here btw :slight_smile:

Hello add me on battlenet please OTPLoreTTV#2871

Also for the others that will read this post, We are still looking for DPS and 1 Healer to add to our Mythic Roster.

Currently looking for 1 healer and DPS to add immediately to our Mythic Roster! 2/8 Mythic with terros at 3% wipe

Add me OTPLoreTTV#2871

Terros Mythic is down! Still looking for an healer!

Best pull on Mythic Sennarth was 25%. We are looking for an healer that does give attendance on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday for our Mythic Roster!

Add me on battlenet: OTPLoreTTV#2871

Still looking for a healer and some dps for Mythic progress

Sennarth mythic went down! Looking for 1 healer and few more dps!

Battlenet: OTPLoreTTV#2871

First night of pulls on Kurog Mythic! Best pull was 58%

Still looking for an healer and DPS to add to our Mythic roster!

Battlenet: OTPLoreTTV#2871

Looking for 1x healer, 1x tank and 1x DPS to help finish off Kurog Mythic!

Battlenet: OTPLoreTTV#2871

Are you a tank, an healer or a DPS and are you looking to progress towards CE? You’re lucky! That’s what we are looking for right now!

Add me for a chat: Battlenet: OTPLoreTTV#2871