[H] Ripple - Ragnaros Mythic Guild recruiting 5/8M

Still looking for dps - particularly warrior, monk, enh shaman, lock but all dps classes considered. Kurog is next in our sights!

Hello! Still looking for a tank?

Currently looking for DPS for Kurog Mythic and Dathea Mythic! Please add me on battlenet for infos!


UP, Kurog best pull in Mythic around 40%

Still looking for some DPS!

add me on battlenet OTPLoreTTV#2871

Update! Kurog mythic 18% Still looking for some good dps to add to our roster.

Still looking for DPS, Kurog’s best pull is 10%

Looking for DPS!
Check our website for more information!

Video up!

Kurog down! Still looking for exceptional players!

Dathea Mythic best pull 60%! Looking for a good mage to add to our roster!

Dathea best pull 38%! Currently looking for few dps rangeds (no hunters) and 1 Main tank to add to our roster!

Looking for a few more players to add to our core raiding roster.

Recruiting again for Dathea and Broodkeeper Mythic!

Looking for:

Mage, Warlock, Monk(DPS), DH(DPS), Shadow Priest

Currently recruiting every DPS classes!

Send application here ripple.sickers.be/apply/
or add me on battlenet OTPLoreTTV#2871

We’re after Ranged DPS to bolster our roster ready for 10.1

You can apply via our website ripple.sickers.be/apply/ or contact me on Luke#24883

We are still looking for DPS ranged and 1 dps WW to add to our main roster for 10.1!
Our goal on 10.1 is to aim to get CE.

If you are interested please add me OTPLoreTTV#2871 or send application on this link ripple.sickers.be/apply/

10.1 patch and raid is at the door and we are still looking for people interested in joining our Main Roster and pushing forward CE.

Currently we are looking for 1 Monk WW and ranged DPS!

Please if you are interested add me on battlenet OTPLoreTTV#2871

We are looking for 1 Monk DPS, Ranged DPS and Healer