[H-RP] Grommash'ar Outriders - Orcish & Tauren heavy roleplay!


The Grommash’ar Outriders. A warband comprised of savage orcish wolfriders and fierce tauren wardrummers. Like so many others of the Horde, the warband strives to secure a safe and glorious future for the people - usually by getting their blades bloodied and their lust for battle sated.

For now, the guild is in a very early stage of development, where we fill out further backstory and weave a functioning ranking system - all to offer the best possible immersion for our members.
Having recently moved from Zandalar Tribe, we strive to establish us here on this server, and will likely be kickstarting our RP as soon as our members are at least level 40+.

Do you wish to be part of our numbers? Send a whisper to either Gorlakh, Korgara, Mokgorn or Rokkthan in-game and we’ll get you sorted!
You may also contact us by joining our discord, at; discord.gg/BbFsyUp

(Ranks and backstory will be updated here as soon as they’re available.)

PS: Using my retail pally to post because I can’t figure out how to post with my actual classic character. <.<





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