[H-RP] Hand of the Titans is recruiting!

(Nyrrisa) #41
Very friendly and nice people.

(Simili) #42
still going strong, a bunch of new rp and plots have started to happen, and im sure many would agree pepol even outside the guild are more than welcome to participate

(Cayriah) #43
Amazing guild! Active in both social and roleplaying, From today, nearly the whole of next week is filled with events, both adventurous and social ones with other guilds. Without doubt, everyone in the Hand are really nice people and amazing to chat with!

(Anroka) #44
We're doing great! Lots of new members lately. Hanging out with our allies. RPing a lot.

Still have a list of events I wish to run before Legion gets here. I may not even get to them all.

Either way, exciting times yet ahead. And with Legion on the horizon, I couldn't be prouder or happier with the guild right now.

Also, we got two new officers, so congratulations to Kaelian and Leynre!

(Simili) #45
with only a weeee Bit of time left before legion, the titans are starting to vrap up there plotslines and events and prepare for the next chapter in there story,a perfect time for others to join the guild and get to know the others before the legion are opon us !

(Helahola) #46
hi there, me and my girlfriend/life-partner would like to join your guild.
where new to role-play in wow. Though we have played and led a social guild for about 2 years.
We have been on a wow break and are trying something new.

we do play and sometimes i run tabletop RPGs. so we have experience there. ill try to see if i can get contact tonight online. if not well here it is^^.

(Bâohùxiong) #47
Helahola here this is the new RP caracter i made. didt think about the crazy letter making it hard to wisp me. :$ but my better halfs caracter's name is niú. where looking forward to the intervieuw^^

(Anroka) #48
Legion is closing in fast. Currently the Hand's part of things behind the scene, speaking with other guilds to help in setting up an awesome Legion server campaign with everyone.

Within the guild it's actually pretty hectic. People have been saving up great plot and event ideas all expansion, and now it's time to run them before Legion's pre-patch brings in the new content!

For those here checking out the guild threads looking for a guild to join, I highly advise doing so now. Whichever one you feel suits your character. Legion's going to bring a lot of people back to the game, so it's best to beat the huge rush that's coming!

This is one guild that's already overflowing with RP ideas for the next expansion! Fighting the Burning Legion is right up our alley. It's going to be a great time!

(Malthirdir) #49
Hi there,

My RL cousin (Mércy, 100 Blood Elf Priest) and I are interested in applying to join your guild.
We've already got a linked backstory etc because, while we are new to RP guilds, we have always RPed to some extent.

We are both looking forward to Legion and the adventures that come with it!

I'll try and get in touch tonight when I'm on :)

(Zulrik) #50
I have been away from WoW for four years!! o.O It is what happens when you end up a parent and you get a good, but busy, job.

Have just this week started playing again, and I can honestly say... What I miss right now? Is the random RP.

Back in Vanilla (yes, I've played almost since release, except those four years), I was a member of a very VERY hardcore RP guild for taurens. In that guild if you didn't know every little bit of lore, you got to hear it and it wasn't always pretty.

Not to mention if you missed an event, you got told about that to, not always pretty.

A long time ago, but I'm still a bit hesitant when checking out guilds. How much do I have to know lorewise? How much time do I have to spend online? Etc, etc...

I'm not exactly young *counts the grey hairs* and I have a family and work, so I'm a VERY casual player. With a lot of experience, yes. (LARP, tabletop roleplaying, written RP online... the list goes on.) But I can not put as many hours on WoW as I used to, I'm afraid.

Would a player like me still be welcome in the guild?

(Anroka) #51
Greetings Zulrik! And welcome back to WoW.

Your question is a good one. Real life comes first, so not everyone always has time. I'll do my best to answer your questions. I'll divide it into 3 points.

1. We do take Roleplay quite seriously. We do our best to be a good fitting part of this amazing world we're all trying to take a part in. We also value the lore, as it's the foundation of most of the roleplay we get into.

2. That doesn't mean that we require you to know all the lore. We've got people like myself, that do. And certainly you can look into certain things, for your character. But of course no one can know everything. And everyone make mistakes. Rather than asking you to know the lore, there are just two things we ask you to do:
-Ask, if you're uncertain about something. We'll get you the answer!
-Be adaptable: If you got something wrong, that's fine. As long as you are willing to change it.
As long as don't consistently make up your own facts, and are alright with making changes if you got something wrong, there's no need to be a loremaster.

3. We're a large and active guild, and like making friends. So naturally, active people are always desirable. However, plenty of us have busy lives and can't be on every day. This may mean they miss out on RP events and plotlines. However that's just how life works. You attend the RP you have time for.

In character, it works out that way as well. The Hand is a large group that has members all over the world. We are not the army: Most people in the Hand have other jobs outside of our organization. Such as within the Horde, or with neutral organizations. So if you can't be online for a while, it is no problem for your character to go "Hey everyone, I've been aiding the Cenarion Circle druids for the last 5 days. Could someone update me on the latest news?", for example.

Our guild has a healthy mix of loremasters, and more regular people. Active people that are online almost every day, and those that have a very busy schedule. So in short, I don't see a problem with giving you an interview. :)

(Illusiel) #52
The world is in disarray, as the emerald flame returns to consume us all. There will be no deliverance from harm, no saviour remains to protect us. If we want to survive, we must stand together and endure.

In the Hand, one finds companionship and unity. Stand with us, and fight for another dawn.

(Zulrik) #53
Wow. Thank you, Anroka! That's an amazing answer! I'll definitely sneak around you Hands-people if I see you online! Sounds like I could fit in moderatly well. Especially since I'm very adaptable. :-)

If I'm not teaming up with my warrior-partner to do dungeons of course. ;-) Have to do my job as a pocket-healer. :-D

(Anroka) #54
Such busy times as of late! The Legion is sure keeping us busy. We've had lots of fun events and developments, with legion just around the corner. We're also now open for Demon Hunters.

Some pictures to share today. The first would be of the Skyship currently under construction for the Hand of the Titans. It took a long time saving up funds, but it's finally on the way:

The second one is from a picture from a while ago. The Hand of the Titans undercover, disguised as a team of arena gladiators in costume:

Legion is almost here. We're looking forward to exploring the Broken Isles.

(Caerule) #55
Heh, so much can happen in a month. Time to update the thread!

A new expansion brings a new campaign. The Hand of the Titans have journeyed to the Broken Isles, answering the call to stop the Burning Legion, and seek out relics of power to end their threat.

A mighty adventure indeed. So far we've been all across Azsuna, and explored the lush forests and haunted shores of Val'sharah. With the information obtained there, our search is guiding us towards Highmountain next. A zone I am looking forward to RPing in a lot.

Legion so far is proving to be a great expansion!

(Zulrik) #56
I just wanted to give some love to these guys. :-)

I'm an extremely casual player. RP-lover that I am, I'm IC most of the time, but so casual it's crazy.

And these guys? Welcomed me with open arms. No pressure or anything at all. Just having company while questing or doing regular dungeons. Which is well enough for me, really. It's what I want from the game and from a guild.

I am so very grateful to be a very small member of this guild. You are so nice. Really you are. Thank you. :-)

Anyone who wants a friendly sweet and genuinely nice bunch of people to play with really should join Hand of the Titans. Just saying. :-)

(Fokeston) #57
Hey there!
After years playing at RavenHoldt and i need a fresh start,cause i am bored of the non sense world pvp.
I did my research and i believe that i found my new home in Moonglade/SWC/Sha'tar.
My question is.are you still recruiting?cause your post make me wanna transfer there.
Thanks in advance!

(Anroka) #58
We are indeed still active and recruiting. If an immersive RP guild is for you, than feel free to contact us ingame, and we'll be happy to discuss an interview. :)

(Talerian) #59
Are you still recruiting/active at the moment? Do you take on new/out of touch RPers who haven't been in character in a while but are looking to get back involved with the RP community?

(Nárien) #60
We're both active and recruiting Talerian! You're more than welcome to apply if you're interested, feel free to send us a message. We're more than happy to help people get back into or start their RP adventure.

Information on how to contact us is under the "How do you join the guild?" section of the original post.

Hope to see you soon!