[H] [RP-PvP] <Wicked Brood> Call To War!

The streets of Orgrimmar are littered with scrolls, scraping off the dust and debris reveals…



The simmering War is boiling over and our homes are no longer safe. If you wish to take a proactive approach to the empowerment and sustained growth of our peoples now is the time to rise up. Through actions taken by our Warchief we are now on the precipice of all out War across Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms.

Those in power have shown that the safety of the common Peon is of no concern. It is now up to us to take a stand and protect what is ours.

Now is your chance to protect your family and friends by joining the special forces of Wicked Brood - An elite killing unit formed by Veterans of the First, Second and Third Wars. Directly serving under Saurfang in the Second War the leadership has known the cost of battle and has the scars to prove it.

You will embark on a vigorous training program that will cover all aspects of War and Battle. Even a common Mining Peon will be transformed into a wrecking ball of murder and destruction.

Present this scroll to any Champion you see bearing the insignia of Wicked Brood and they will direct you to the nearest recruitment officer.

Rise up Sons and Daughters of The Horde, Blood and Glory Await Us!


Well met!

Wicked Brood is a guild looking for like minded players to join us for a fresh adventure in Classic Azeroth!

We are aiming to build a Social / Casual friendly environment that acts as a hub for PvP activity. With a rich history of World PvP we will be leading the charge alongside the other great forces of the Horde to ensure dominance and victory in every battle!

We will be participating in the following activities:

World PvP (PvP Enabled) - We require all members to enable PvP at all times. No blueshielding!
Battlegrounds - Both casual groups and serious premades for gearing, socialising and fun
Casual PvE - Dungeons, Questing, World Bosses and Raids. Do not expect elite progression raiding, this is laid back casual raiding to get some gear and have fun.
RP(lite) Events - We respect the Realm’s RP policy and require members to do the same. We will also be doing a few random RP events - great for newcomers to wet their toes!

Our requirements are fairly straight forward: Speak English, keep PvP enabled and be friendly.

We have no expectations of our members outside of being respectful to each other and having fun. No gear or activity requirements, likewise don’t join expecting hardcore raiding or top level PvP.

If you are interested in joining or would like to know more feel free to contact me via battle.net Jestahr#21642

I look forward to seeing you all on the Battlefield!

For The Brood


good luck recruiting some fresh blood jest

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Cool bunch and all, but you should really stop littering Orgrimmar streets with those recruitment scrolls. Peons dont get paid enough for cleaning your mess.


My travels through the multiverse have been most unkind, more fool me for heeding the advice of a gnome.

Our pamphlets are crafted from 100% bio degradable eco friendly Tauren Dung. Dried for 21 days it is pressed flat beneath ogre buttock to form the beautiful flat brown sheet you have seen gracefully littered across your streets.

The stains and smell left on your hands should dissipate after several resurrections from the local spirit healer.

In several months when the land has fully absorbed our good word , expect a flourishing Orgrimmar filled with vegetation and flowers. No need to thank us.


I’ve been in this guild for nearly a week and they keep trying to collect my dung, chanting something about “Pamphlets for the pamphlet god”. Other than that, very agreeable.

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I thought your “people” use the dried-out Tauren dung to build huts in Orgrimmar, had no idea it also serves as a base material for recruiting pamphlets. Quite advanced by Horde technological standards, I must admit.


You will regret mocking our glorious leader alliance scum!
Your cries of agony will echo across the realm and serve as warning to those who wish to repeat your mistake!
Mark my words Dwarf!
You will pay!
And there is nothing your precious light can do to save you from the fury of the elements!

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“Transforms into a Ghost Wolf”
Growls menacingly at Mcmourning and is ready to bite

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Fixed that for you, totem boy. At least your kind is still better than Mages.


I have mixed feelings about this statement :confused:

Cow dung huts. In a crag. No shoes.



Tales of our inability to navigate the complexities of using foot apparel have been greatly exaggerated!

You literally have your toes sticking out of your boots. And you used to be human. It’s like a disease, once you join the Horde, you magically lose the ability to wear complete items of clothing on your feet.

I must admit, I was once fond of cozy socks. More misery in undeath, oh woe!

Only leaving after your Bubble + HS and in the background a raid of 40 Alliance cowards running to save your bubbled posterior

Our pursuit of culinary oddities has led us to an increased need for Gnomish Brains and Dwarven Gizzards.

Please consider providing either of these delicious treats for the recruiting officer to help ensure smooth processing of your application.

Don’t let down aunty West, join for rootin’ tootin and looting!

Dwarfs do have nice thicc bubblebutts, amiright boyos?:thinking:

The age of slaughter is dawning, with it brings the promise of violence and destruction.

We have been gaining strength in the shadows, preparing to drown out the light.

Will you heed the call and march to the drums of war?

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Reports are coming in from both Warsong and Alterac…

I can’t say too much, but if we’ve been informed is in fact true then we will require more fresh blood for The Brood!

Sign up today if you have what it takes!