[H-RP] The Beastmaw Warband

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These guys are pretty great
Extremely dangerous over short distances with a foam sword! (Fck!)
Looking forward to today and Tuesday friends, lok'tar

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The Beastmaw becomes 7 years old today!

Having already posted a soppy message to the guild members on our forums, I'll make use of this thread to thank everyone else.

Big thanks to the Steamwheedle/Sha'tar/Moonglade server community for being such awesome friends and allies and RPing with us both at big and small events and inbetween. A strong community is something we lacked before the server merge and we were asking for for years, and I can't express how happy we are to finally have that.

Thanks to the Alliance guilds we've interacted with over the years, may we meet on many more battlefields! Big thanks in particular go to the Night Gryphon and Redemptio Coronae for keeping the blue side of the realm alive and for interacting with us in more peaceful events than hostile ones. And thanks to AD's Cenarion Guardians who met us in battle quite recently and proved to be just as formidable as they were back on SWC!

And lastly, big thanks to the cross-realm friends we've made in recent months, AD's Blackguard and Rotgarde in particular.

There'll be a small celebration held the coming Sunday, information of which I'll post on the shiny new server calendar that we have. Everyone is welcome!

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Happy guild-creation day, Beastmaw!

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Exploration of the Broken Isles has begun.

The Warband traveled with the Horde fleet and landed in Stormheim, where we had an unexpected but quite welcome run-in with the Froststeel. After exchanging news, we set out to work on our Horde-given objective to explore the land and provide our forces with tactical knowledge of the various regions we visit.

Temporary base of operation is Valdisdall where we seek to gain the trust of the Valarjar.

Primary destination - Highmountain.

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Have a bump, friend!

I really must remember to join one of your events some day!

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Thanks! And you are most welcome to drop by!

As far as updates go, the Beastmaw have been tackling the issue of hunting down a demonic warhost that left Suramar some time ago, making its way into Highmountain. Between demons, losing our elemental guardian (having to seek out the aid of a local Elderhorn spirit) and failed politics with a Gilnean regiment regarding a prisoner exchange, we've had a LOT happening.

Here's an overview of our campaign for those interested:


We've concluded all of the plotlines I mentioned (big thanks to the Hand and Froststeel people who joined the last battle!) and we'll take a break from big events around the holidays. Even so, we'll most likely hang out at Thunder Totem for casual RP in case anyone wants to come say hello. :)

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A bump from an ally!

Thanks for inviting us to the event Beastmaws. Keep bringing the pain to the Legion! It was a pleasure to lend you our blades in battle and fight side by side once more.

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This is the first entry to the Warband chronicle for the season of winter.

Several weeks had passed since the General’s return from his long captivity in the hands of the Gilnean soldiers. The situation had been suitably handed by the High Overseers, and the demon host commanded by the Pit Lord Behemagor was placed under siege by the combined efforts of the Gorath’s Tide frigate, the Ashtongue warriors brought by Archon Meltheriel Evergloam of the Illidari, and the Highmountain Warbraves.

A gathering was held to choose our next actions. We were in a situation demanding of us to lie in wait for the Pit Lord to make a move out of desperation in which we would strike at him, for his army was still too great to meet in an open battle. So we cast our votes, and the resounding decision was to explore the rest of the isles in search of strategic advantages – on the promise that we return immediately should the Pit Lord make his move. The popular choice was to aid the on-going campaign of Suramar.

The distance to Suramar was short, but we made no effort to make haste. We were greeted by one of the natives as we camped on the very border for a night – a woman named Eurielle whom we saved from Nightborne agents of the Legion that meant to cut her down. In return she gave us the lay of the land. Of the several potential camping sites, we chose one lodged into the hills overlooking Suramar, secluded by plantlife and accessible by a method of teleportation known as “telemancy”. Our mages Gruutok and Edanna did not need long to learn how to navigate such devices.

It is in those hills that we camp now. We have established contact with the allied siege camp composed of the elven armies and the Kirin Tor, and through them we gained access to the city of Dalaran, rich on supplies provided coin is offered in return. From here we find ways to be useful to our allies, and a number of occasions have already revealed themselves. Those that I will note down are the daring raid to secure Arcwine for the elves of the rebellion who depend on the magical substance to replenish their dwindling strength; and the journey in which we followed a spirit, while learning of a mysterious killer among the denizens of Suramar.

As I finish writing this entry, I plan my preparation to address the Warband, for a vision came to me two nights ago. The great Elderhorn Spirit that we befriended in Highmountain, Tayawa’me, has shown me a vision of a hidden glade. It is no doubt his intention to meet us there and to speak to us of his second quest – for as we remember, we were to complete three tasks for the great spirit if we are to earn its position as our spiritual guardian, following the loss of the fire spirit to the hands of Behemagor.

Guln of the Stronghoof Tribe
Beastmaw Chronicler

(Torakk) #69
General’s Log
Two weeks before the first day of Spring

Maenna, the champion of our Trackers, approached earlier this week with scouting information from the heart of Suramar. She brought word that a battalion of Nightborne had returned to the city from a successful raid on the ancient Moon Guard fortress in the northern areas of the region. There, they had come upon an item of power.

Maenna claims that it was called something foolish, along the lines of “Moon Cleaner”, though the warband believes that its true name sounds more imposing in the elven tongue, or in Common. Even so, it is its abilities that caught our attention rather than its name – apparently the elves of the Moon Guard developed this item with the purpose of cleansing magic. Perhaps even fel.

If true, this would fulfill our promise which was to find a way to cleanse the Storm Drakes that the Dreadlord Maldephorus corrupted in order to use against the Horde. For if no way is found, then a merciful death is the only way we shall be able to honour them.

The item is to be publicly presented in one of the civillian squares of Suramar City with the intention of increasing the morale of the citizens fatigued by the on-going siege. So we shall make preparations to infiltrate and see this item for ourselves.

<Several runes mark Torakk’s signature>

The Moon Cleaner, this… Lunar Purifier, in the Common letters, is in our possession.

With the help of the illusion magic of our Nightfallen allies, we entered the city without much trouble and found the location of the upcoming public presentation. The artifact appeared to be a small gem, no bigger than an elven fist. It would have looked quite unimpressive, had it not sparkled as though amidst a night sky.

As elves and demon guards watched on, we succeeded in creating a disarray, which led to a conflict between the demons and the mages in possession of the artifact. It appeared that the item could only be used once, and the mages refused to demonstrate its power, coaxing the demons to take over.

We seized the opportunity and Sanarala stole the relic in the moment of confusion. We used it as leverage while Greenthumbs secured a way into the canals by calling down mist to conceal us from our enemies. There we got onto one of the elven boats and sailed out to sea to make our escape.

I have tasked my mystics with the study of this item before we decide how best to utilize it.

<Several runes mark Torakk’s signature>

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General’s Log
First month of Spring

We had just returned to Jandvik to celebrate our victory against the Vrykul mystic, resulting in the restoration of Windhoof’s spiritual powers, when a messenger found us by the bonfire. A runner from the Ashtongue, one of the warriors that the Illidari Meltheriel had recruited to our cause. Their job was to oversee the siege on the demonic warhost led by the pit lord Behemagor, alongisde the crew of the Gorath’s Tide.

That siege was broken.

The Ashtongue reported that demons rained from the sky as a region-wide invasion broke out. As we later found out, it was not sent with the specific purpose to act as a siegebreaker, but it fulfilled that purpose nonetheless. Seeing his chance, Behemagor’s warriors broke free. They now run rampant in a direction yet to be discovered.

As I write this, I make ready to seek some rest, for in the morning I am to take a scouting team southward. Two more I dispatched, one to the east in the capable hands of Odathias Felwrath and the Crimson Sun Brigade, and another to the west headed by Stone Guard Copperhammer. We ride for a day and return with the results.

<Several Orcish runes mark Torakk’s signature.>

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General’s Log
Middle of Spring

We marched on Black Rook a few days after we sought refuge in the elven Temple of the Moon. The huntresses had been gracious enough to give us the lay of the land. It didn’t sit well with us to hold any favour with night elves, but the forest had been surprisingly inhospitable when it comes to camping.

Inside Black Rook we found imps – dozens of imps stripping down anything useful that could be turned into war supplies. We cut our way through them from one chamber to another. There was no end to them.

When we finally confronted their leaders – Fel Imps, as I am told – we cut one of them down and the other one fled. We chased him atop one of the castle spires, where we caught him and made him tell us the location of the Imp Mother. We executed the worm right after.

We confronted Imp Mother Solaz on the highest tower where she was guarding the hoard accumulated by her imps – treasures from all around the castle. We killed her, and the surviving imps scattered. We did not give chase. They were directionless without their leader. Instead we secured the hoard and salvaged what we found useful.

Our hunt continues.

<Several Orcish runes mark Torakk’s signature.>

Our current war table looks something like this:

(Torakk) #72
General’s Log
End of Spring

We marched to battle urged by information from our “special informant”. Apparently Behemagor’s second-in-command, the Fel Lord Thrul'zur, was stationed at Felblaze Ingress with orders to activate a great waygate. If we made haste, we would be able to intercept him and take the opportunity to strike him down, causing disarray among the leadership of the warhost.

The information was correct, but the Fel Lord was expecting us. By a gut feeling, instinct, or simply his own strategic mind, he knew that we would find him and take the chance to fight him. So when we arrived to the northern grasslands of Azsuna, we saw his demons lined up and ready for an open battle.And an open battle we gave them.

High Overseer Gul’thok Blazefury led warriors into a frontal charge while I organised a group to provide ranged suppresive fire as well as healing. Koranith of the Crimson Sun Brigade was placed in command of a mounted auxiliary group to react wherever the battle demands it. While Blazefury’s unit cut their way through the demons, Koranith’s team mercilessly trampled a group of Felguards attempting a flanking maneuver. My team dealt ranged damage and tangled with a unit of Eredar sorcerers and flying Doomguards.

After the first lines of the demon army fell, the Fel Lord himself stepped forward. The magic of his Eredar cleared the battlefield and ensured that no one would interfere as he invoked a single challenge. Many answered it, but it was Blazefury that the demon chose to duel.

I don’t think the demons expected to see their commander fall there and then. Their chanting was deafened by our own, and after an eternity of measuring one another, the two struck simultaneously. The old blademaster needed to land only a single blow to kill the wretched demon. As the enemy army retreated in silence, rallied by an Eredar our scouts knew by the name of Darool, brother to the exiled Morgresha and a demon more than thirsty for power and authority (he almost looked like he expected his commander’s failure), we came to Gul’thok’s aid. He too had fallen shortly after the demon. The wound he had received while swinging his blade at the Fel Lord was lethal.

We built a pyre atop the hill overlooking the battlefield to bid our farewell to Blazefury. Let the damned demons see it too. I now carry his blade to honour his last wishes.

May your spirit stay strong, old wolf.

<Several Orcish runes mark Torakk’s signature.>

The warband is currently camped at Lightsong, Val'sharah, together with our Crimson Sun friends while our hunt for demons goes on. Here's a screenshot after our last battle where Gul'thok fell heroically in single combat and we held a pyre for him.


And our updated war table:


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Bumb, we're still here!

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Bump! If Funtun were Horde, Funtun would be Beastmaw. *Shakes fist at Lightforged Draenei* Why couldn't they be like Nightfallen?

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Hullo from AD, just looked over this video the other day, from the Legacy of the Saurok campaign you guys took part in, and you guys feature in it quite a lot!

So Thought I'd whack it here in case you'd missed it.

For the Horde!


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Holy crap, I completely forgot about those videos. Thanks a lot for the reminder! :D

That was such a fun campaign!

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General’s Log

Our long hunt for the Pit Lord Behemagor is concluded. It was our first formal order from Orgrimmar after a few short weeks of camping in Stormheim, over a year ago, to stop his army. For over a year my warband plagued the demonic warhost across the Broken Isles and, failing to kill him on the Broken Shore where we had him lured in the open for our ship to open fire, we drove him to flee to Argus, maimed beyond recognition. And Argus became his grave.

With Dalaran our staging ground, we sent our outriders ahead: first to Krokuun, where we retrieved them one by one, regrouping with them after a week and hearing their reports. Their discoveries aided us in finding Behemagor’s lair, and we next made plans with the Unseen Vigil. They allowed us to use their own gateway, and to rest in their hidden camp. When our strength was increased, with the help of native Krokul warriors and the arsenal of Eredar weaponry we scavenged, we commenced the assault. The Unseen Vigil and the Crimson Sun both aided us in this final battle.

The demon was cut down by Gul’thok’s blade, wielded by the demon hunter Odathias Felwrath, therefore fulfilling his long-desired vengeance and avenging the fallen blademaster. Yet, in his death, the demon shattered the framework of the nearby demonic gateway, through which he had planned to commence a new invasion on Azeroth with a new warhost behind his back – a plan that we foiled. The unstable portal swallowed all of our forces, and when I next awoke I found myself in the Badlands with our blacksmith Kraktos, Odathias, Roikhu of the Vigil, and Naethilan of the Brigade. It was after a long struggle in the desert, and then in dwarven Loch Modan, that the elf mage recovered enough to open a portal to the Crimson Sun headquarters. There, I learned from Commander Koranith, who was present in the battle, that the same fate had befallen all of us.

I write this now, one day after returning to Orgrimmar, as I make ready to report our success to Warlord Kon’taka. I have met with Krizbolt, who was thrown in Desolace together with my wolf and Gorvar’s lizard. Several others have also made it back. Guln sent a letter from Conquest Hold in Northrend. There is no word from the rest. I will wait a week before I organise a search.

<Several Orcish runes mark Torakk’s signature.>

And thus concludes Act 3 of our Legion storyline! Big thanks to everyone who took part over the year, the Crimson Sun and the Unseen Vigil especially.

The Beastmaw will remain in Orgrimmar for the time being, where people are most welcome to approach us for RP!

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Zug Zug, Bump Bump.
I hope to see you in Silithus! Or near Silithus. There's a nice hotspring nearby run by goblins.

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General’s Log

We have returned from a two-month hunt for the hated Kraken that in recent months we’ve begun calling Gorath’s Bane. On two occasions has the same beast attacked our ship in the past – most recently sabotaging our attacks on the Legion at the Coast of Anguish on the Broken Shore.

With the Legion no longer a threat and no immediate enemies to turn our attention to, it was time to seek vengeance. I obtained a formal approval from the warlords and called it a mission for the Horde – it helped that apparently the Horde was amassing a fleet, and wanted it protected from any sea creature prone to single out war ships and destroy them, wounding our naval strength in the process.

We gathered information and set sail. In Azsuna, we sealed our bargain with the ancient Elderhorn Spirit Windhoof who agreed to answer our shaman’s call outside of the Broken Isles. After a long search across the Great Sea we found the kraken nest in Northrend waters. We battled it, aided by Gorath’s Tide and her crew. We lost seven sailors in that fight, but in the end the beast was overwhelmed. There we declared that the whole Horde shall feast on it, lest our vengeance remain unfulfilled.

The Warband is now back in Kalimdor, and people are welcome to approach us in Razor Hill whenever we're around! A summary of our latest RNG-fueled adventure has been compiled here:


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The warband is back in Orgrimmar after a questionably successful but undeniably fun adventure to Uldum with the Coven. Big thanks to them for the great character interactions. =D

Our plans until BfA are to simply stick around cities and focus on casual RP, if anyone should like to pay us a visit.