[H-RP] The Beastmaw Warband

(Torakk) #81
The Beastmaw are at war!

We are focusing almost entirely on the war campaign side of the BfA story so far, having been taken to Warfang Hold in Stormsong Valley where we engaged directly into combat with the Alliance forces and subsequently ended up fleeing the area with a highly valued Stormwind diplomat as our captive and angry Alliance at our backs. *narrows eyes at a certain Alliance guild*

Seriously though, big thanks to the Night Gryphon on Alliance for campaigning against us, we are still only in stage one of the whole thing but it's already a lot of fun.

If you want to find us for RP, be that events or casual talks, feel free to give anyone in the guild a poke and they'll let you know where we are located IC. =)

(Zordrakarian) #82

I officially give this guild my Seal of Approval. Great bunch of people, welcoming of newer RPer, has events every week, -smelly bunch of orcs- Scribbles out the last one
Err, Fantastic leader!

Also! First post on The Beastmaw Warband with the new forums. Woo!