[H-RP]The Frozen Paw Clan - A Light in the Darkness 🔥


these guys right here?

pretty good guys :skull:


Lovely people, hope to meet them again or even cooperate together towards something in the future.


Entry Three

The fighting is over.

Although we survived, we didn’t make it out completely unscathed. Many Horde soldiers died trying to hold back the Alliance and I almost joined them. I had been beaten many times in those skirmishes and still went back to fight, but I think fate was trying to tell me that I’d reached my limit… And the end of my luck.

I’ve seen anger in the eyes of our enemies before and I’ve been given plenty of insults to go with it, but something was different. Some of those we fought weren’t there for their King and for their duty; they were there because they wanted us dead. It may be nothing new to the seasoned veterans and experienced warriors I stood with, but to see that anger turn into hateful bloodlust terrified and disturbed me.

Whether we won or lost doesn’t mean much to me; the fighting continues regardless. I only pray that Quel’thalas will remain untouched and safe for the time being.

As for us – with our tour of duty over – we have retired to Uldum for rest, recovery and resupplying. I couldn’t have been more thankful. Sure, the days are blazing hot and the nights are freezing, but the peace and quiet compared to the absolute din I’ve had to endure lately is a blessing. Soon enough, we’ll see Rogmasha again and we can move onto what we do best; adventuring and helping.

With the peace, however, my thoughts wander and lead me through the darker corners of my mind. I worry for my friend’s safety. It’s been a month or so since I last saw him, on that fateful night where Tabris – that wretched monster – tore him away from me. I still don’t know if he is alive, or if he is – where he is being held.

What of Tabris himself? Where is he? What will his next move be? Or Lom’rak’s? I’m terrified of them both, but the former is more likely than the latter. If he found us so easily in Mulgore, he could find us anywhere. I’m not strong enough to fight beings as strong as they.

The one thing that gives me hope is my friends. Without them, I wouldn’t be here writing this now. I am forever grateful to them for helping me, guiding me, saving my life and still giving me the privilege of their affections. I worry that I am a burden often, even when I’m told that I’m not. Some habits are just too difficult to break or ignore.

What I can’t ignore are my feelings for Aaillish.

She hasn’t changed a bit since we first met and my heart swells whenever I see her. She has been my rock ever since she began to travel with us and the more we talk, the more I realise that we are so alike. I couldn’t help but get lost just watching her in the moonlight; as though Elune herself was demanding me to take notice.

The markings etched into her delicate features are akin to my tainted gaze; signs of struggle overcome.

I suppose that goes for all of us.


Entry Four

We are divided.

The shelter our old camp provided did not shield us this time. The Legion struck hard and fast; catching us completely unaware. We tried to fight back, but it simply wasn’t enough. There was nothing we could do. Some managed to flee, but the majority of us were rounded up and taken to the dungeons.

As they shoved us into cells and locked those heavy metal doors, gloating over their victory, there was only one thing we had in common; we both knew that the chase was over.

We had been betrayed. Not just once, but twice. Someone I once thought was a friend stood behind those bars, threatened my friends – threatened Aaillish – and threatened me with torture… Which was soon provided. They sought to break me, but I didn’t let them. Even if we knew where Rogmasha was, none of us would say a word. Loyalty above all else.

As I lay beaten and bloodied upon that dank, filthy floor, I took solace in the fact that no one else had to go through the same.

The real danger was our captors’ indecisions. More torture was suggested; mental and physical, as well as the idea of killing us one at a time so to lure her out. We comforted each other, but there was no denying the dread we all felt.

I knew these people were cruel, but seeing what I did only confirmed what I already knew; the Horde is tearing itself apart. They call us rebels, they call us scum, but we fight for the same cause as they do. We just do it differently. To be treated like I was their enemy; my own kin casting me out with their spiteful glares and spitting on me…

It’s only made me more determined.

Rogmasha saved our lives by giving herself up and surrendering her newfound freedom far too soon. Although we are free, we are broken and scattered; without leadership and without unity. We have allies, yes, but even they can see that we are not the strong, close family we are meant to be.

If those we call friends can see that, then what do our enemies see?




They are wrong.

We will get her back, no matter what it takes.

Unity during strife forms the closest of bonds. Once the pain fades and the bruises heal, we will pick up our shattered spirits and continue like we always have.

For her.

For us.

For the Frozen Paw.

For the Horde.


Lok’tar ogar, we will endure :muscle:t2:

(Rakhuul) #114

Not saying I endorse these filthy lessers or anything, but…

The enemy of my enemy is my friend?


If I was on the same realm as you lot I would join up in a heartbeat!


Ah yes my old friends who I keep missing to find

(Rogmasha) #117

At long last, after a little bit of pittering and a lot of convincing to get an old Earthen Ring friend to help maintain it, the Frozen Paw noticeboard is active again, ready to guide those needing direction to wherever the clan may march!

(Rogmasha) #118

Tap, tap tap. A new set of noticeboard items have come up, for those following the clan’s adventures from afar!

(Rogmasha) #119

We’re seeing a few old faces return and new faces join lately - I’m glad to see it! With the Roaming Hub back up and running, feel free to get in touch if you happen to be in the area.

(Chuein) #120

how old we talking

(Rogmasha) #121

Alas, not that old, though we are hoping for Lancellis’, Kahome’s and Kantali’s eventual return still. :wink:


Entry Six

‘Loyalty’ is a word I’ve heard a lot as of late. Loyalty to a cause. Loyalty to a person. Loyalty to a faction. Time and time again people question the loyalties of others and they do it far too readily.

Over these last few days, fighting alongside allies of the Horde in the orange dunes and cracked earth of Durotar, I’ve had my own loyalty doubted. My friends have gone through the same. Not because I or we weren’t loyal, but because we aren’t mindless enough to fight without thinking. I know how important diplomacy can be and how it can work, at least sometimes.

And yet that very action in the past got my life saved by the ‘enemy’. One good action deserves another, after all.

Would those who doubted me, who scolded me, who held me accountable, be grateful of that? Would they be grateful that the Alliance of all things prevented my death in the middle of a warzone?

Or does ‘hate’ only go so far, until they help one of your own?

Through all of this, I’ve even begun to question my own stance on this war. I convince myself that I fight for Quel’thalas and my people – even moreso now we’re secluded – which is true; but what if Cinidri is right? What if she’s telling me the truth?

Are the Horde really our allies? Are we simply pawns to the Banshee Queen? Will she turn her back on her former kinsmen and leave them to die, someday? After all there is little more there than pockets of Forsaken resistance for her to care about.

The world is dying and this pointless fighting over its blood upsets and angers me. Even helping the Horde get more of it is something I must force myself to do. It doesn’t belong to us, the Alliance or anybody; it belongs to Azeroth. When the Voice couldn’t help me, I found someone who would… It’s just a pity we couldn’t take all of it back. Something is better than nothing, though.

On top of all of this, the anger I feel keeps rising to the surface akin to flaming lava. No matter how much meditation I do, it never truly quells. Considering the situations lately and the pressure I’ve been under, it shouldn’t be so surprising… But I could have lashed out at someone. I almost did. Luckily I managed to get far enough away and take out my rage on an unfortunate wooden post.

What is wrong with me? The flow of my Chi feels wild and uncontrollable, much like my anger.

Although I feel distrust towards Zhung-He for helping the Alliance in Silverpine – helping them to try and kill my friends (and almost succeeding, considering the state of our injuries) – he has noticed this as well. I suppose if the others are to trust him, despite his actions, then maybe I should try.

Through all of this confusion and feeling of being lost, Rogmasha was brought back to us; not only physically, but mentally shortly after. Whatever vile magic that’d been used to change her, to ruin her was removed. The clan is back to normal, for the most part… Even though there are rifts right now, they will close in time. It wouldn’t be the first clash we have had, nor will it be the last.

The only person that’s kept me together these last few days has been Aaillish. She’s stuck by my side throughout all of this. She’s been my rock… And my guiding light.

May that light shine brighter now, as we finally make our feelings known for one another. Without fear and without regret. My friends advised true; we should make the most of the time we have now.

Especially in these uncertain times.

(Rogmasha) #123

Thud thud thud

A new destination means - a new noticeboard post!

(Rogmasha) #124

For people wondering where to find us next - when the Stranglethorn stage of the Roaming Hub ends next week, our next stop will be in a place that rhymes with “Romp of Morrows”. :wink:

(Sindrí) #125

Oh damn the best of luck in icecrown!


Why are you going to Kun’lai Summit?

(Ercia) #127

Going back to Argus, huh?


I’m having a blast with this guild. I’d recommend any nomadic and traditional orc to join in! And, of course, other races as well who know the importance of traditions of the old Horde.