🔥 [H] <RX-Draenor> Late Night Raiding 3/10 HC

RX is a late-night Mythic raiding guild.

About RX:

RX was created to be a place where people can make meaningful mythic progress and become better raiders without the toxic and cutthroat environment that’s sometimes present in other mythic guilds. We treat our raiders as people and teammates, not as interchangeable cogs who are only relevant as long as they help us kill bosses.

The founders of RX have been playing since BC with many years of experience in raiding and running a successful guild, We offer a stable environment that will remain successful for years to come.

What we offer:

-Very stable guild environment that is built to stand the test of time.

-A hard-working leadership committed to improving the raid team as a whole and ensuring that progress is being made at an acceptable pace.

-An understanding that our raiders are real people with real-life commitments and conflicts, which we will not ask you to sacrifice to be a part of our raid team.

-A guild where you will be treated with respect and your voice will be heard. We always welcome thoughts, ideas, and strategies.

-A raid team where spots are given out based on merit and not on favouritism.

-A guild infrastructure to assist raiders in doing their best (we provide consumables for raiding, a raid day repair fund, and priority paid Raidbots sim access).

-A friendly fun environment even for those who may not raid, we welcome socials to join, jump on discord, run some Mythic+, a little PvP, or just general banter.

-A guild in which you will get as much back as you put in.

What we expect:

-We want strong players who want to do the best they can possibly do, Players with a willingness to improve and learn their class. We do not want players that log on only for a raid, and the right-back off.

-We want people looking to be part of a team for the long term. We are looking for players that want to spend the rest of their raiding career here.

-We are looking for players who take the time to know what is going to happen in a fight, who pick up on things and aren’t afraid to admit it when they make a mistake. We firmly believe that mistakes are only bad if we don’t take the opportunity to learn from them.

-We expect our raiders to be fully prepared, by knowing strategies and bringing their own supplies (we provide consumables for raids, but expect raiders to have backup).

Ultimately we are looking for like-minded individuals who want to join a guild for the long term, We will always look at and consider any exceptional applicants regardless of class. If you want a home for the rest of your WoW life and feel you can compete on a high level, then we encourage you to apply.

Current Progression:

We got 10/12 Mythic NYA

Currently 10/10 HC and 2/10 Mythic


Mostly need Ranged DPS and a Healer Will consider any strong Application.

Socials are always welcome If you aren’t interested in Mythic raiding.

RX raids times:

Thursday - 22:00 - 00:30 ST

Sunday - 22:00 - 00:30 ST

Saturday - 22:00 - 00:30 ST (Extra Day added at the start of a new Tier)

RX is ALWAYS looking for exceptional players to join our team - if you are interested in joining we welcome you to apply on our discord discord.gg/XJRfm47

If you have any questions feel free to message any RX officer in-game or on our Discord alternatively you may add me to Btag: Drucylla#2184
check us out at gow.gg/rx

recruiting all classes high demand for warrior and mage

recruiting Dps and healers

Recruiting dps and healers
all socials welcome

Recruiting Healers for our raid team

healers for our raid team

Recruiting for our raid team High demand for Warrior, Mage, Priest, Pala

Recruiting healers and Rdps

recruiting healers and dps for our Hc/m raid team
we also have a normal run going and that needs healers and dps

recruiting dps and healers

Recruiting dps and healers for our raid team

Recruiting heals and dps

Recruiting healers and Dps apply on our discord. discord.gg/BYyFn35PWW

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